Thursday, 20 January 2011


"I need somebody..." *ahem* OK, seriously bloggies, I need some serious help here:

Vote for me, vote for me, vote for me, vote for me, vote for me, vote for me, vote for me!

No doubt you'll all have heard about's competition to win a paid internship... Amazing opportunity, right? RIGHT!

I wanted to enter from the beginning but I doubted myself more and more as the volume of entries increased almost hourly. But two days ago I threw caution to the wind and entered. I tried to answer the questions truthfully and confidently with as much personality as I could muster without sounding corny.

I'd love it if you could read my entry and if you like what I've said then please vote for me.

I'm WELL AWARE I'm a complete and utter outsider and total underdog compared to the big blogging names who have entered and already ammassed loads of votes... But I'd honestly rather people voted for me because they geniunely think I have a nice style of writing or know I would value the opportunity or believe in me or whatevs...

SO yeah, please have a read and vote/comment  if you would like to see me win :)

Thanks, self-promotion over.



The Robyn Diaries said...

I really wish you well in this (as well as a competitor could) as I know you'd ace it. I really hope it doesn't go to a big blog, as there are now quite a few girls from my course, BA Fashion Journalism, and somebody such as yourself, who have a real interested and have done degrees in Fashion and/or Journalism . It would be totally unfair on votes alone? x

R x

Kirsty said...

Thanks Robyn pal, and good luck back atcha :) I know what you mean... If it is all abou votes then I haven't a snowball's chance in hell, but I guess we have just got to rely on the quality of our entry and CV and trust that ELLE will make the right decision based on that? xx

The Robyn Diaries said...

Cheers buddy :) Yer Vicky has already won it off that if it is votes alone, gah. Definitely, I think they would want that anyways, only time will tell! Going KoKo tomorrow which should be aces, and then got work all weekend. Going to the seaside to see one of my best friends on tuesday though which will be brill xxx

Thomas Cunningham said...

Good luck Kirsty

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