Tuesday, 11 January 2011


So, with the nights GRADUALLY getting lighter (it is happening, folks) and the last dregs of the sales beginning to wane in the shops, I hate to admit it might be nearing the time to think about dressing for that tricky inbetween period of... DUN DUN DUN, Spring!

While magazines might be selling me the idea of strappy dresses and sandals in April, in Glasgow those things are reserved ONLY for the few good weeks we in the middle of July where it's actually warm enough to leave the house with no jacket. (beginning to think I literally have cold blood. Vampire alert?)

Frankly, Spring in Glasgow is often dreich, chilly and miserable... But still slightly too mild to wear my beloved woolly winter warmers :(

Thankfully Urban Outfitters' new stock includes some perfect inbetweeners to bridge that looooooong gap.

Reformed Veda Mainlow Button Through Blouse - Love the little stars and keyhole neck on this wee blouse.

Something Else Printed Cut-Out Yoke Dress - must have a thing for cut-out detailing at the moment, really like this pretty dress, can imagine it with a dark-grey chunky cardi and black brogues.

NEAL By Neal Sperling Cable Cardigan - OK, so I admit this isn't technically new, and I am most certainly NOT usually one for a dusky pink, but something about this just appeals. Big time.

Boy London Eagle Maxi Dress - Still loving my Boy London t-shirt AND maxi dresses, and this combines the two in one perfectly grungy, laid-back cool package. Ideal with boots on a rainy day or Ray Bans if the sun breaks through.

Sparkle & Fade Silk Dress - perfect layered under cardi or denim jacket with Mulberry Alexa and specs, no? Adore how they've styled it with thigh-high socks for this.

Renewal Leather Two-Pocket Denim Shirt - A normal denim shirt is OK but one with leather pockets it's transformed to HOT. These are facts, people.

American College Leather Sleeve Teddy Jacket - Everything looks better when sexed up with leather, including varsity bomber jackets (which will be everywhere come Spring). Just another rule I live by.

Oh Urban, I've been neglecting you recently but no more, I have learned my lesson.


Anyone else agree that early Spring is a tricky time to get dressed?


Jade said...

Ah what a perfect term.. i love it and I love these. Especially that cardigan x

Kirsty said...

Yeah, the cardi is a beaut, you're right! Think that and the Something Else cut out dress are first on my list! x

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