Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Trawling Etsy tonight I stumbled upon IKAN, a New York-based vintage shop... Check out these lovelies:

Shiny black and white striped shirt. Not yer average... Oh aye. 

Cos who doesn't need a opulent, swagalicious leopard-print cape? Turquoise and leopard is a combo I cannot help but adore... (reminds me of something Queen Michelle from Kingdom of Style would wear, no?)

One word - PRINT. Second word - SILK. Just beautiful. Perhaps not particularly practical but so what...

Can't you just imagine this layered over leather shorts with a faux fur stole thrown on for good measure? The length is what takes it from just OK to awesome.

Good Lord, I'm not even sure what this is... Jewellery? A cape? Who cares, LOOK AT IT!

 Leopard print coats were a bit of a guilty pleasure for me throughout winter. Never actually bit the bullet and bought one, but seeing this beauty makes me wish that I had...

Alsooooo, just purchased this wee grungey 90s number from another Etsy Favourite of mine, Decades Vintage:

For spring I'll be pairing it with the Alexa (obv) and these bargain boots from Topshop I managed to score last week (£75 down to £15 in the sale!!):

Like? Dislike?


The Robyn Diaries said...

BIG LIKE the cape/jewels, cream lace blouse and black shirt are all gorgeous!

R x

Rani from Cupcake Couture said...

Love the leopard coat!

x x

Mandy said...

the shoes are great <3 :D

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