Monday, 3 January 2011


Happy new year bloggies! I spent my hogmanay in the house alone, hanging out my attic window watching the fireworks from around the city light up the Glasgow skyline...

I swear it wasn't as depressing as it sounds! I was working at 8am on New Year's day and rather than stumble in hungover/half cut I decided on a sensible start to the year and turned down all my party invites. Work comes first I'm afraid and it was actually really lovely to be able to muse over the last year and make some private resolutions for 2011.

It's been a hell of year - lots of amazing, exciting, wonderful things have happened and unfortunately some heartbreaking things too. But you live and learn, or at least I'm hoping to learn. I got my first tatoo back in August and it says "the eyes are blind one must look with the heart," and it couldn't be more fitting for my life right now. I'm hoping to learn to trust my instincts more this year and only do things that feel right - less worrying about pleasing others and more pleasing myself!

Absolutely loving my 2011 horoscope courtesy of Elle UK:

Over the last few years you’ve been experiencing some pretty massive changes when it comes to your relationships and self-worth, Cancer. A series of eclipses have been ripping through your axis of self and other, making you see yourself and the ones you love in stark and honest ways. It’s been challenging, but the wonderful news is that all your hard work is about to pay off big time in 2011. The last two eclipses in this series will come in January (in your house of partnerships) and June (in your house of self.) Get ready to peel back the layers one more time, and to reveal the you that you’ve always wanted to meet. We bet that someone very special also wants to be introduced to this fetching, intelligent and winsome creature. In case we’re not being clear enough, she’s the one you’re looking at when you gaze into the mirror. This year she is revealed in all her self-confident glory.

Yes! Bring it on! Hope everyone had a fabulous time at the bells, and allowed themselves a few moments to ponder the year gone and plan for the one ahead.

Much love x


beewaits said...

You're so responsible. I spent my new year drinking black russians and getting locked out my flat (oh god makes me sound like a riot!)
That picture of the girl in the shell is adorable x

Kirsty said...

haha sounds like a wild one! Believe me when I say I more than made up for a lacklustre NY on Christmas night... I believe I was whipping my hair back and forth and all sorts! Hope you had a good one dear.

Pic is from December Vogue's horoscope shoot I believe. x

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