Wednesday, 26 January 2011


I'm not really one to jump on a pop star bandwagon (GAGA*ahem*) however I have to confess a bit of a random style-crush on Jessie J. I've totally sickened myself with that song, Do It Like a Dude, but I can most definitely still appreciate a hot outfit on Miss J, and this is no exception:

The rest of the outfit is OK but I am crushing HARD on those House of Holland star-print tights. Very Miu Miu SS11, no?

Uh-oh I predict another tights-buying frenzy... Mind the super suspenders from last year? Mark my words, these badboys will be the next of Henry's kitsch hosiery to sell out...

OH AAAAND for those of you who commented on my LEATHER DILEMMA post, I picked up my ACNE Rita leather jacket today and will most definitely be keeping it! I loved the other one too, but in the end the textured effect, boxy shape and silver zips/studs combine in this piece to give a timeless rock n roll look - something I know I'll never tire of.

Thanks for your feedback though, it was a hard decision!

FINALLY!! I am now 9th in the voting lineup to win the Elle internship, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote - yes, I'm begging - if you have a spare few seconds, as it would seriously make my entire life. Voting closes on Friday.

Not to be dramatic or nothing...

1 comment:

We Are The Crowd said...

I love Jessie J, she has such an amazing voice!
I also adore those tight, I want them! Ooo and those leopard print shoes, gorgeous!

Sian xx

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