Monday, 17 January 2011


So, today was spent writing showbiz-themed copy for my very first radio newsday and I just had to cover last night's glittering Golden Globes. As well as talking about the winners and losers (one win for The King's Speech out of seven nominations spells disappointing, no?) I was desperate to get in a few choice words about the dresses. It's ALL about the dresses, dahling.

This year I was pleasantly surprised and loved the mixed bag on show - Greens, reds/fuscias, and nudes seemed to be the hues of choice for the stars and starlets out in force in Hollywood.

Here's my personal favs/worsts...

Anne Hathaway in Armani Prive - WIN!
Loved this look, though perhaps slightly too low in the back - tut tut, we don't want no bum-cleavage Annie. Still, this gown's a corker, especially styled with loose 40s waves and a Cheshire-cat grin. Rachel Zoe, you are a heinous harpy from hell, but good God you can pick a hot dress.

Brangelina - WIN! (straight outta Madame Tussauds aye?)
Ahhh, Jolie rarely puts a foot wrong and this gorgeous Versace number is no exception. Just edging on the right side of conservative (no plunging back for her - wise move) the wow-factor is cranked up by the truly dazzling shade of green sequins. Loose hair is always a winner for Ange and the only accessory she needs with this is a smokin' hot Brad Pitt absolutely owning the slicked-back hair and shades combo. This is the hottest I've seen Brad look in a while, no?

January Jones - WIN!
Continuing her love affair with Versace (remember the stunning blue gown from last year?), January's look is possibly my favourite of the whole night. She's been slated on other blogs for looking too sexy and inappropriate, but SOMEONE'S got to break the rules a little and I happen to think this is an absolute winner. She's groomed to stunning perection and yet again the loose 40s style hairdo is old-school Hollywood glamour personified. My only issue would maybe be with the shoes - can't quite make it out, but are those black courts? Hmm... Still, who's even looking at her feet. SWOON!

Leighton Meester in Burberry Prorsum - WIN!
Another choice I love that everyone else seems to hate! Love the classy look (sometimes Leigh leans slightly towards trashy) on Leighton, but the split in the front keeps it from looking too frumpy. Perfect accessories too - Louis Vuitton bag, yes please! However in this case I think I would have gone for a different look with the hair - maybe pulled more of it away from her face, and I don't know how much I love hoop earrings... That's a lie, I do know. And the answer is not much. But, all in all, the amazing dress saves this look - classy and stunning.

Mila Kunis in Vera Wang - WIN!
What can I say? Love everything about this! The colour is perfect for Mila, and green is a tricky one to get right. Wang never does a bad dress, so it's unsurprising this fits Mila like a glove and drapes perfectly into a bias-cut train at the back. Much like fringing and tassles, I also love a good train on a gown. Something about the rusching detail reminds me of the Rodarte costumes in Black Swan, and I'm sure that's no coincidence. Just beautiful.

Halle Berry in Nina Ricci - FAIL!
Just all wrong. Bless her for taking a chance, but take note, January haters, THIS is what inappropriate looks like in all its boke-inducing glory. I hate to be ageist, but I just feel this looks wrong on 44-year-old Halle. I know she has an amazing figure, but it could have been highlighted in a less obvious (slutty) way, surely? Just not a fan.

Heidi Klum in Marc Jacobs - FAIL!
Oh hi, Heidi. Just popping down the beach, yeah? Don't forget your beach bag... WAIT... The Golden Globes, really? I WANT to love it cos I usually love Heidi's red carpet choices (sometimes a bit out-there,  I'll admit) but I'm afraid I can't. I wasn't a fan of this SS11 collection by Marc Jacobs, and my initial dislike is only reinforced when I see it in all its hideous glory on the red carpet... In JANUARY, Y'ALL! Looks like a bunch of scarves thrown together last minute, tied at the waist with a bunch of rags. Don't like the strappy sandals, beach-chic hair or makeup either. The contrasting coral lips add a certain amount of interest, but the smoky eye is altogether too heavy. Sorry Heidi, must do better.

SOOOO what do you reckon? Any others I've left out?
(Couldn't muster the strength to tackle Michelle Williams or Helena Bonham Carter's monstrosity... Two odd shoes? Gimme strength!)


The Robyn Diaries said...

Scarlet Johnason looks absolutely banging too! I really dislike Anne Hathaway, can't describe why though? Angelina Jolie is my favourite here, although Leighton Meester also looks amaze,

R x

Rani from Cupcake Couture said...

I love Anne Hathaways dress!

Kirsty said...

I wasn't in love with Scarlett's look, Robyn. Didn't hate it, but nor did I love it. I know what you mean about Ange - captivating! January is still my ultimate fav though!

And Rani, me too! Totally stunning, girl done good :) xx

head over heels said...

my favorites have to be mila and leighton, they both look stunning x

"this fashion lark." said...

January Jones was my absolute favourite, adored how daring that look was x

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