Saturday, 29 January 2011


Yet another collection review - I hope you guys aren't totally bored or put off by these? I know there are hunners of high street/what I wore today blogs, loads of which I like and read regularly, but high fashion and runway shows just do something weird to me man... It's literally a physical thing.

Like, for example,  when I saw Yohji Yamamoto's latest menswear collection for AW11, I actually felt my heart skip a wee beat - NO FREAKIN' JOKE.

I'm not hugely up on my menswear to be perfectly honest - but this guy I dig. (photos from here too) reliably informs me that Yamamoto is well known for astonishing tailoring skillz and use of bizarre Edwardian imagery, but even if I didn't know that those were his THINGS I would surely have guessed at it from this collection... Take a look at my favourites:

Rev Run much?

 Fav 1

Fav 2 

Ohh how I enjoy a sartorial oxymoron... the suit, formal, smart and usually tailored to a close fit, here is transformed to be comfortable, luxurious, baggy and casual. "The suit as security blanket" say, and they're right. Never before (though I am no authority) have I seen suits/tailoring done in such a way that conjures up an idea of snuggling up inside one to get comfy. Relaxed tailoring was a trend I highlighted in my ELLE intern application, and I see it's also represented in menswear too.

And how about the "alternative" models! Love it. Can't help but find it ironic that this goes completely unnoticed in menswear shows, but in womenswear it would be front-page fashion news. Shame.


kate funk said...

Really dude!
velvet cupcakes

kate funk said...

Bizarre. Love the old man model!!
velvet cupcakes

LYDIA HOPE said...

This collection is insane, I love it so much!

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