Wednesday, 1 August 2012


For their global SS12 campaign, Minkpink have plumped for a super-cute ROADTRIP theme...

..And despite the weird choice of 70s soundtrack (don't get me wrong, I love Boney M but something contemporary would have worked better, no?) I really REALLY like it. The models are just about the cutest things I've ever seen, prancing about, giggling, pulling faces, hanging with Spongebob characters, and, oh yeah, the clothes aren't bad either...

90s style patterns, be mine.

Pastel crochet jumper, swoon!

Althoug I prefer Minkpink when they're doing their whole velvety, 70s, dark-brown, Autumnal thang, this collection has lots of high points - namely the 90s patterned dresses, matching separates and bold bodycon dresses.  A tad young for my taste? Maybe, but overall a good effort from a brand which continues to impress season after season. Plus, I can't get enough of this  ROADTRIP  theme. Strikes me as a cuter, more teen-friendly version of these two videos, no?

Liv, ya fox.

SUCH. A. CLASSIC. Got the VHS buried under a pile of crap in my room somewhere, away to buy the DVD immediately!


dinoprincesschar said...

How have I never come across Minkpink before? I like the pastels here, and anything with a road trip theme gets a thumbs up from me - oh how i long for summer.

Kirsty said...

CHAR, Urban Outfitters sell em! There's not normally much to choose from on the website but you can be luck in store - a lot of it was reduced in the recent UO sale.

Aye, me too. But I'm over it now tbh, after the shittest weather in hunners of years I'm DEFO ready for autumn!


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