Monday, 20 August 2012


Another Recent Purchases post to remind me why I need to go on a spending ban QUICK SMART.

It'ss something I've been SERIOUSLY considering, because, quite frankly, my spending is out of control. Honestly. And bear in mind I haven't even included the Motel or Evil Twin dresses...

I need help...

Sheer floral open-backed tunic - Topshop £38
This was a totally unnecessary purchase, but I'd been eyeing it up online and when I tried it on in the shop it just sat so nicely with it's wee three-quarter sleeves and open back and pretty print that I caved. I'm weak.

High-low floral tea dress with open back - Topshop - £48
I went to Edinburgh for the festival this weekend (photos to come) and I knew I wanted something floaty and pretty to wear for a day boozing in the capital. It's been so muggy and warm recently that I didn't want to wear tights if I could absolutely help it, and when I spotted this wee number it ticked all the boxes! The high-low detail makes it really comfortable, especially if you're like me and don't love getting your pins out, plus the open back adds an interesting touch that stops it from being too granny-ish. One thing I'll say though is that it's cut quite low at the front and it's always falling forward. More than once I found myself  having to HOICK it up for fear of flashing a boob or two, and Carlin nicknamed me Tits McGhee for the day - so make of that what you will!

MAC sheen supreme lipstick in Blossom Culture
Y'all will probably be aware of my obsession with Cut a Caper by now, and how it's FRUSTRATINGLY permanently out of stock - sob! Well I think I've found the next best thing in Blossom Culture - a sheen supreme lippy which has all the pigment of a traditional lipstick but the high-shine finish of a gloss. It's ALMOST VIRTUALLY the same colour, maybe slightly more muted, but feels very moisturising on the lips and comes in a much more attractive bullet than the normal MAC lippies, no? It's just so CLASSY looking! Only thing is because of the finish it doesn't last very long and it WILL melt in the heat. Trust me!

MAC mineralise blush in Dainty
This is maybe the most pointless purchase of the lot considering I am still loving my Accessorise blushers and I just recently found my Sleek blush in Pixie Pink - which I adore - hiding in my underwear drawer... But LOOK HOW PRETTY! I always thought Dainty was a very pale pink, but actually in real life it's a little warmer in tone and goes with both Blossom Culture and Cut a Caper a dream. It's finely milled and very pigmented with a slight sheen, but not as much as I was expecting from a mineralise blush. Beautiful, but yes, totally unnecessary. Someone stop me.

MAC select cover up in NC20
This is actually a total fail of a purchase. Number one it's in the wrong shade - WAY too pale and yellow - despite the fact I was actually matched at the new MAC counter in Debenhams Silverburn. I'll be honest and say I'm not convinced the sales assistant had any clue what she was doing but I bought it anyway cos I needed a new concealer and I kind of felt like I had to after she'd slathered it on my face.
Also, I'm pretty disappointed with that MAC concession in general. When I went in last week they didn't have ANY of the Heavenly Creatures collection and couldn't tell me when they would, they'd never even HEARD of cut a Caper let along got it in stock, and no-one knew where anything was. Everything just seemed a bit haphazardly placed and unprofessional. BUT, at least a sales assistant actually approached me and asked if I was being served which makes a massive change from the MAC in Frasers where I've lost count of the times the sales assistants have actually full on IGNORED ME or continued to gossip and chat at the till making everyone wait. That MAC needs to seriously sort out its customer service issues.
AAAANYWAY, yeah, so this is the wrong shade and doesn't offer anywhere near the amount of coverage it claims. Fail.

Real Techniques blush brush
I needed a new tapered face brush and I'd heard this was the perfect one. In reality it's one of the softest brushes I've ever stroked on my face (eew) but it's definitely too big to be used for blusher in my opinion... Unless you have huge cheeks? I dunno. But yeah, the tapered tip makes it perfect for light contouring and adding powder to the t-zone. Before this I'd been using a kabuki brush for powder and bronzer but I found it didn't give much control over placement of product and often made the powder look too cakey. All issues which this brush avoids. Plus it's like a tenner or something. Score!

Caudalie Beaty Elixir
I went without this for AGES but now I'm totally hooked again. For a while I'd forgotten why I loved it so much in the first place and was happy just using my Liz Earle skin tonic, BUT NO MORE. This amazing toner spray smells absolutely gorgeous and really does VISIBLY shrink pores. But also, I feel like after I've used it my other products (serums, moisturisers and primers) sink into my skin better and actually WORK better too. I really honestly feel like whatever's in this makes my skin DRINK UP whatever else I put on it, especially at night, which, when I'm using my beloved Advanced Night Repair, makes me a very happy bunny indeed. 
Garnier Skin Naturals dark spot corrector
What's that, another skin-tone lightening moisturiser designed to fade pigmentation and scarring? SURELY NOT! Y'all probably know by now about my never-ending search for radiant, even skintone and this is just the latest product in that epic quest.
I'm still using a mix of the Caudalie vinoperfect serum and the Origins mega bright serum, both of which I like, but I couldn't resist giving this a go on top. I've been using and LOVING the Lancome Hydra Zen as a daytime moisturiser for ages now, but over the past few weeks with this sweaty and humid weather it's been feeling a tad heavy on my skin. By contrast, this is a light fluid moisturiser that dries quickly with no residue and makes a great base for makeup. I wouldn't recommend it if you have dry skin, but for oily/combo types it's perfect. I'm really liking the consistency of this and the pleasant smell reminds me of a product from donkeys ago that I cant put my finger on... It's too early to tell if it's actually doing anything, and I don't expect particularly dramatic results for the drugstore price, but I'll keep using it anyway until it runs out or until the weather takes a turn for Autumn. Which I for one CANNOT WAIT FOR.

So yeah, that's totally REDONK-A-DONK. Anyone got any good tips for avoiding the shops?


Rachel, Cold Knees said...

I'm pretty much as weak as you, I saw that first tunic, really wish I'd bought it now, but I was buying other stuff at the time! I may still cave come pay day... xx

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm the same. I have put myself on a spending ban but I just keep spending. And now you've tempted me even more because I want that first tunic. It's so pretty and vintage and classy. And for the price. Ahhh you can't complain!


Caroline said...

Love the print on that tunic, it's so pretty! I'm forever spending when I really shouldn't be.. and now the shops are full of A/W stock that is tempting me!

Caroline x
Caroline's Catwalk

Roisin Elizabeth Keats said...

Need to get myself on a spending ban, but I'm no good at it! Love the topshop dress, I wanted to try it on but don't think I'm cool enough to carry off a 'this could be a vintage but it's actually not' dress with cutouts at the back :L

Need to try the Caudalie Beaty Elixir - my pores need to shrink. Or just go away and die quietly in a corner somewhere. Meant to ask - how have you been getting on with the teeth whitening strips you bought? Still hunting :L

Also - Mac in Frazers NEED new staff. Such moody, up themselves people working there. But then every so often when I go into a 'I'm not buying bloody mac anymore' rant I get served by someone amazingly lovely :L

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