Tuesday, 14 August 2012


PHEW! What an immense two weeks it's been, right? Never before have I been so enthralled by sport. I was always that kid in school trying desperately to fake "period pains, sir" to get out of the dreaded bleep test or feigning a mysterious elbow injury in softball so I could sit out and gossip with my pals on the grass. I wasn't lazy PER SAY (OK, maybe a little lazy), just really, really, REALLY rubbish at competitive sports. I didn't have the drive or motivation to care about winning - I'd rather have been beating myself up about getting 99/100 in a spelling test or something... geek4lyf.

But honestly, I found myself becoming seriously OBSESSED with the Olympics! I reckon a lot of that has to do with it being constantly on at work - my company subtitled all the live footage over all the channels which involved months of prep, hundreds of hours of live respeaking and serious hard work - proud of us!

The highlights for me were the gymnastics - both the team events and individuals. Even though I was rooting for the USA girls, I couldn't help feeling super sorry for Victoria Komova of Russia, or the wee Chinese girl who lost out on beam to her teammate. Both girls were breaking their hearts over ONLY getting silver - that's an impressive competitive mindset! The cycling events were also ace, mainly cos Team GB absolutely smashed it! But swimming was super disappointing, no? GAHD, I could honestly chat about it for ages...

Unfortunately I missed most of the closing ceremony because, stupidly, I'd decided to go to the pub instead of staying at home glued to my telly. I did catch some of it above the din of the Sunday night quiz and OBVIOUSLY the Spice Girls were amazing, as was George Michael... But  my favourite bit was when the massive Nick Knight images of David Gandy, Kate Moss, Jourdan Dunn, Lily Cole etc came on stage only to be ripped apart revealing the supermodels themselves!

I die!

I actually got so excited I knocked my pals full LARGE glass of wine right into her lap. Not impressed. I loved this part of the show because, hello, SUPERMODELS, and also because it mirrored that amazing Olympic-themed shoot in UK Vogue's September issue. Iconic British models wearing golden gowns/garments by British designers. Perfection.

Actually, let's revisit that awesome spread...

My favourites are Naomi in Alexander McQueen, Stella Tennant in Chris Kane and Lily Cole in that stunning yellow-gold Erdem number. I always forget what a unique, striking model she is.

So aye, that was pretty much the best bit ever. And to all the Cynical Cindys on Twitter and Facebook moaning about having to watch eejit models strut about at the Olympic closing ceremony while in the presence of "REAL" greatness, let me just remind you that the British fashion industry is worth BILLIONS to the UK economy, and in the face of constant belittling and cuts to grassroots funding and resources, is an industry which stands alone in its international respectability, creative influence and ultimately in its profit.

Don't knock it or Naomi'll smash your face in with her mobile phone, DAHHLING.


Caroline said...

I also went out so missed quite a bit including this section, I need to re-watch it!

Caroline x
Caroline's Catwalk

P said...

I'm not generally a fan of La Moss but I thought she looked absolutely amazing!

Little Scribbler: sh*t I wear, think, eat, drink said...

I reckon the model were easily one of the best bits based on some of the dross I saw of it #pish.

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