Wednesday, 29 August 2012


After feeling pretty uninspired by Topshop recently (What was with all the bustier-style cropped tops and tie-dye denim for summer? Sheesh, way to completely alienate anyone over 17, TOPPERS!), along comes a whole SLEW of autumn winter goodies to lust over. Joy!

Anyone else just VASTLY prefer the autumn highstreet offerings in general? I can't be alone in this, surely?! Anyway, here's my favourites :)
Black lace cropped top.
Wait, wasn't I just slagging cropped tops? I'm a FICKLE MISTRESS right enough! But, see, this one's OK cos it's black lace which already means it's badass, plus it's got long sleeves and doesn't look TOO mentally cropped. I imagine this paired with my high-waisted faux leather skater skirt from H&M and Litas. Winter night out outfit sorted!

Winter floral print open-back tunic
The eagle-eyed among you might have spotted that this is EXACTLY the same as another floral tunic I just bought earlier in the month, but I saw this the other day and fell head over heels. I now need to own both. Don't judge me.

Fitted red cross dress
Love this. I was in two minds in the shop cos the 10 was quite clingy (hello wobbly bits) but 12 wasn't quite fitted enough - literally the story of my life with bodycon stuff in Toppers! But as soon as I left the shop I regretted not buying it and I may well nip in on my way home from work today to pick it up. I'M SO BAD! Not 100% sure where to wear it though - it's a bit MUCH for work, but the fabric is quite thick (almost woolly) for a night out? Hmm.

Mohair boyfriend coat
It's kind of ridic to be lusting after this since it's VERY like my winter coat of last year (fondly nicknamed the hairy vagina coat) which is still going strong, but I'm a sucker for mohair and a boyfriend shape, plus it has cute buttons and pockets...
Maroon Mary Janes
I wish I was going back to school just so I could wear these with my school uniform, but in reality I'm pretty sure I'd never have an occasion to wear such beacons of pretty preppy goodness, made all the more edgy by the slightly too-thick sole. ALMOST creeper-esq. Still doesn't stop me wanting them though. Plus that coat and these shoes are giving me the MARGOT TENENBAUMS bad style...

Lipstick in Mexican Wave by Louise Gray for Topshop
I've been LOVING orange lipsticks recently and have been swithering about getting MAC's Morange for a while...until I spotted this wee potential alternative! Slightly more red/coral than the 'true orange' of Morange, this would make a poifickt segway from red to orange for winter. No?

Cosmic print pyjama sweater and bottoms
I. NEED. THESE. My current "pyjamas" are absolutely abysmal - old, mismatched and generally mortifying. This winter I absolutely HAVE to have this cosy cosmic pairing. Maybe then I might be able to open the door to the postman once in a while without CRINGING like the utter jake I am.

What do you guys reckon, are you excited for Topshop's new season offerings?


Anonymous said...

I think topshop has become rather expensive and am not really feeling their clothes at the mo. however, I LOVE that tunic!

helen at thelovecatsINC said...

love the coat!

from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

Caroline said...

Topshop currently has far too many gorgeous new things I want and can't afford! The cosmic print pj's look so cosy!

Caroline x
Caroline's Catwalk

jennifer said...

Those PJs are amazing! They look so comfy!

love your blog just found you on twitter!


Kirsty said...

They've definitely upped their prices but I can see some of that reflected in the better quality of the designs and overall finish of a lot of the garments. Not all mind you. It doesn't bother me too much cos we've always still got H&M and New Look and the likes! X

Kirsty said...

Thanks Jennifer, glad you found me! X

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