Saturday, 11 February 2012


A completely shameless filler awesome-street-style post for you today. Working all weekend and finalising deets for the International Women's Day blogger get together I've been HARPING on about for like decades, so I've been pretty busy, but been collecting these photos for a couple of weeks cos I reckon they are pretty rad, tubular, dope and even fetch.

Thanks to all who registered for the meetup by the way, all FORTY of you! Totally blown away by the support :) Some supplies arrived today from Oxfam so I'll send you all out your official invites next week.

For now, enjoy these TOTES AMAZE pics for some sartorial inspiration.


OOH, also, Glasgow gals mind and pick yerself up a copy of the Sunday Herald tomorrow - it features a special Valentines-inspired shoot I assisted on and it's pretty banging, if I do say so myself.



eversojuliet said...

I have serious envy of the neon leopard print jacket & dip dyed hair! x

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

Awesome street style pics! I never tire of them :) xo

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