Friday, 17 February 2012


Shockingly I've not actually spent too much this month so far! Cray cray I know and not like me at all, but I've been quite uninspired by the high street of late, and I seem to keep getting outbid by a POUND at the last second on eBay which is massively frustrating... Seems the universe is telling me to save my pennies for some reason...

*strokes beard mystically*

Anyway, here's a little mix of some of the stuff I HAVE managed to buy.

A scrummy afternoon tea with the maw at the Butterfly and Pig Tearooms.
I've been in here loads but never actually splurged on the full afternoon tea package but I was in the other day with my maw, thought SOD IT and treated her to the works. CHECK OUT THE CAKES! Absolutely delish and worth every penny!

Topshop lipstick in Innocent.
Argh, sorry for the HUGE close-up of my trout pout, just wanted to show you the difference between the bullet, swatch and how it actually looks on. As you can see it looks a little darker and warmer swatched but actually goes on quite blue-toned. This is perfect for me as I reckon I suit cooler-toned lippys but just beware before you buy. As for the texture, it's soft and quite moisturising but nowhere near as awesome as Pillow Talk from the Smoke and Mirrors collection. Oh, Topshop, PLEASE re-release it!
Topshop nail polish in Hidden Treasure.
Apparently folk are touting this as a dupe for Chanel's Peridot polish so if that floats your boat defo snap it up, it's only £9! I do like this but think it gives a better pay off when layered over black or dark green. Let's face it though, the real issue is my crappy, stubby nails. MUST STOP BITING.
MAC mineralize skinfinish natural in medium.
I do like my Chanel loose powder but sometimes, on drier days in the office with the air-con up full I find it's really VERY powdery and tends to cling onto my huge sideburns/downy fur up the sides of my cheeks. SOOO when I discovered MAC are doing free online delivery for London fashion week I just had to buy this. Waiting on it arriving and VERY excited to see if it lives up to all the hype.

Topshop floral t-shirt and tunic.
The top one is from the actual shop and looks way nicer in real life. The print is sort of worn and looks kind of vintage, but it's only on the front and not the back which BUGS ME. The second was an eBay bargain. Not even really sure why I got this... I guess I remember liking it when it was out in the shops and I managed to get it for just £8 so meh. Check me all floral out ma nut. You'd think it was like, Spring or something...

intage cat-print cropped t-shirt.
I featured this in my Etsy roundup recently and YUP, I bought it. It's REALLY, REALLY cropped though, not quite sure yet how exactly to wear it. But I'll figure it out. I mean, I have to right? Look at all the cats!!!

Minkpink Marrakesh dress.
I absolutely love this but evidently it splits opinion since Kirsten thinks it looks like a tablecloth. Last week I was literally like "I think I'll wear my new patterned dress, the one that ties at the back," and she goes, "Oh aye, yer tablecloth dress?" CHEEKY MARE. But yeah, this was in the Urban Outfitters sale for half price so double snaps for me. Love.

Liz Earle Instant Boost skin tonic.
Y'all know how much I love my cleanse and polish so I decided to pick this up when I found I was running low on my usual toner. I'd been using the Clinique anti-blemish solutions toner for YEARS but was getting pretty sick of it and I was totally lost about where to go next. Liz Earle just seemed like the sensible choice. This smells lovely and doesn't sting - so far thumbs up.

Desert Essence thoroughly clean face wash.
I got this in Whole Foods on a total whim. I'd been looking for a tea tree oil-type face wash for a while but all the ones I'd tried were really harsh and drying. This one's got loads of other oils in it too though and when it first comes out it looks and feels just like an oil, which is kind of weird. Once you start to rub it in it eventually foams up but it doesn't leave my skin tight or too squeaky. I mainly use this in the morning and I like it so far, although I've had a bad couple of outbreaks the past wee while and I can't work out what's been causing it so I'm keeping my eye on this...
Kiehls Ultimate Strength hand salve.
Reading the gumph on this online you'd think it was for WORKIES ONLY and to be honest my hands aren't really THAT dry, but what they are is old looking. The skin on the tops of my hands is really papery and thin, and I have loads of wrinkles and lines around my knuckles and ragged bits of skin round my nails where I bite and... BLEUUURGHH, OK, basically it's just hand carnage. I have the hands of a pensioner, for real.
This stuff is a super duper strength salve, really not one for chucking in your bag and using on the go. I only ever slather this on at night and in the morning they look less wrinkly and feel velvety smooth, it's magic. The weird, filmy, glove-like texture takes some getting used to so I'd say really only get this if you truly need it.

Cath Kidson toiletry bag.
For keeping my face crap in instead of it all just being strewn across my room/the bathroom/any available surface. Come on, who doesn't love Cath Kidson?

And THAT'S IT. Seems like not a lot really, but February ain't over yet...


Caroline said...

The afternoon tea looks amazing! :) I like the look of that topshop nail polish, it does remind me of peridot, I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for it! I've spent way too much this month already.. and I still really want to go shopping tomorrow!

Caroline x

Claire - Miso Funky said...

that pickled cucumber at B&P totally is amazing!

also - I used to bite my nails to the quick. For like 29 years. Then one day, I just stopped. Not bitten them in 4 years. Just like that. You can do it!

Mairead said...

I've been toying with getting the Mac Mineralize stuff for aaaages but I'm para it looks really glittery. Obvs I do love a bit of glitter but not everyday y'know. So, is it glitter mad?! If not, a wee trip to Frasers is probs on the cards.. Also, that afternoon tea looks delish! I've been for lunch there but never gone all out for afternoon tea. So tempted now. x

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