Friday, 3 February 2012


Apologies, this is a bit of a bumper post you guys. Over the past few weeks I've been cultivating my Etsy favourites into a list of absolute MUST HAVES. Money's tight at the moment but come next pay day, one, several or all of these beauties will be mine. MWUHAHAHAHAA!

Also, just wanted to say a big fat HIYA to my lovely new followers :) If you don't know me, this wee compendium is pretty indicative of the things I'm into, fashion-wise.

vintage Hole tour tee. It's like £50 but so worth it, right?

Dennis the Menace chic.

Summer perfection.

Dreary Glasgow "summer" perfection

Bought. Ama get SOME slaggin.

I'm heading to Portugal for a week in May and this would be perfect for the beach.

Clip-on silver kitty earrings. My life is sorely lacking in animal jewellery.

So, whaddya reckon? I'm finding myself more and more inspiration on Etsy and Ebay thesedays - can't remember the last time I logged on to Topshop and was impressed. Really not feeling their weird, in-between-season offerings at the moment. Shiny sports luxe is so not my thang.

PS REGISTER to come along to the International Women's Day blogger meetup event on the 8th of March! You can bet your ass I will NOT stop yakking on about this... :) x


Karen said...

I actual love the cat tshirt. Folk better not be slaggin'! X

champagnediamond said...

i love the dress on the top photo and the cat t-shirt! its all so cute!

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