Tuesday, 28 February 2012



I mean, yes, she looks smokin' hot, mainly because they've completely changed her entire look so much that it's hard to tell who it even is (no bad thing, I am NOT digging the blue hair stage at the moment. There's just something really UNCOOL about her that I can't put my finger on) HOWEVER, what excites me most about this sneak peek of the March cover is the bit where it says SARAH BURTON BY SARAH JESSICA PARKER.

Let's absorb.

Can you even imagine how good that interview will be? We all know SJP was the late, great Lee McQueen's close friend and ambassador for the brand - she can still pull off a McQueen on the red carpet like no one else - so I have massive expectations for this interview. Plus, she's funny, warm and witty and if anyone can coax the notoriously shy Burton out her shell, it's Carrie. Wait... SJP. Same difference, RIGHT?

Ooooh, I can't wait!


Lizzy said...

Wowzers! I didn't even recognise Katy Perry! The interview with SJP and Sarah Burton will be amazing. I can't wait to see what they both say about the Duchess of Cornwall's wedding dress!

Rani from Cupcake Couture said...

I honestly keep staring at that photo and cannot for the life of me see ANY resemblence to KP?

Caroline said...

Katy Perry does look unrecognisable in this cover! Next months collaboration sounds great!

Caroline x
Caroline's Catwalk

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