Sunday 19 February 2012


What's that?

It's London Fashion Week you say?

Oh, I hadn't noticed as I've been SUPER busy PMSLOLLING at these adorable pics of Pickles the pug posing in an assortment of ridonculous, hand-knitted hats!

Cupcake Pickles

Clown Pickles

Viking warrior Pickles

Christmas tree Pickles

Teddy bear Pickles

Carmen Miranda Pickles

Lamb Pickles

Happy Birthday Pickles!

Easter chick Pickles

If I had a pug as adorable as Pickles, you KNOW I'd be dressing him up like this. Every day of the week.

Available to buy here on Etsy.

Normal service shall now resume.


Abigail. said...

Lamp Pickles is painfully adorable!! I think if I had a pet I would spend FAR too much of my time dressing it up... so probably safest just to get a hamster or something

DEMI said...

haha your dog is sooo cute
like your blog dear

fritha louise said...

Oh my god his little face! Bahahahaha!

Unknown said...

Ha ha brilliant! I will have to get some for my chihuahuas!

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