Thursday, 2 February 2012


I know SO many people will be falling over themselves to say how beautiful she looks, and she does, but is anyone else kind of sick of having her shoved in their face?

Right now the PR campaign for Miss Del Rey is about as subtle as a ten-ton truck. Despite the album being resolutely panned pretty much everywhere, it seems we (and Vogue) are more than willing to over-look that because, AW, SHE'S SO PRETTY!

Whaddya think?

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Jen said...

I don't quite get the 'OMG Lana Del Rey is so beautiful' thing that's going on right now. There's something very odd about her face (bitchy!).

Video Games was a nice enough song but the rest of he album is gash. Hopefully she'll fade away soon. x

P.S. just emailed you my deets for the meet up!

S.MILLI said...

I love Lana's hair- that is some thick and glossy barnet. Her new tune is a beaut.
Plus, she is normal sized, give me her over Alexa Chung (Elle's cover star this month) anytime. x

Zoƫ {Conversation Pieces} said...

Yes! I'm rather jealous of her it has to be said... but yes I sooo don't get the whole 'she's so controversial' and 'shouldn't we sorry for her' and 'she's a fake' thing... I do feel like we're being had somewhat!

Caroline said...

Haha I agree she is everywhere right now! I don't mind that song 'video games' but yes I'd prefer to get to like her myself rather than her being everywhere! x

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