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A few months ago I was asked to film and edit a short video of the Glasgow Caledonian University annual fashion show which exhibits the work of the Fashion Business and Fashion Marketing students. Although their degrees don't focus solely on design, I was surprised to learn they do still have to know how to pattern-cut, source fabric and manufacture garments as part of their respective degrees...

Filming this was a skoosh, but editing and uploading it took FOREVER! I came away with 2 hours of footage to cut down to just ten minutes, and then spent an entire day trying to transfer the finished thing onto YouTube only for it to stall at 94%. RAGE!

In the end I gave up with YouTube and found Vimeo to be far more user-friendly and MUCH faster. So... Enjoy!

(please excuse the shaky camera and over-exposure at some points. I ain't no Spielberg innit.)

GCU Fashion Show 2011 from Kirsty McLaren on Vimeo.

Whaddya reckon?

In my honest opinion, having attended a fair few student fashion shows, I felt this was a good wee effort that could have been a million times better...

My main issue was that many of the models lacked SEVERELY in professionalism. Obviously the majority of them weren't paid professionals, but that's not to say I expected to see them giggling, nudging and WHISPERING to each other as they walked down the catwalk?! Several of them had no idea what side they were meant to traipse down, how fast to walk, or what to do at the end. A few even had massive bits of oose and loose threads hanging off the garments.

Fair enough, perhaps I was expecting too much, and most of that I could forgive was it not for the giggling, whispering and talking on the runway...

I'm usually one for saying nothing if I don't have something nice to say, but as a GCU student I had a vested interest in this production. Thankfully several of the designs spoke for themselves and hopefully next year is a slicker show all round.

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Wonderland Girl said...

I really do keep my fingers crossed for a slicker show next year - a few of my friends are on the course and will be graduating next year or the year after, fingers crossed for them!

Love the video.

Much Love
Roisin Elizabeth

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