Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Oh how I do love me a wee Scottish Bloggers event! Yesterday, myself and a few others (including my girls Rani, Ann, Charlene, Ayden and Claire amongst others!) were invited by the lovely Stella to attend an afternoon of cupcakes, cocktails and pampering at the stylishly sumptuous Tigerlily boutique hotel in Edinburgh.

How could we resist! Here's a few photos of the day:

Hair extensions for the taking, y'all!

Rani enthralls while I shovel cupcakes into my gob.

Claire holds something exciting...

The SUPER talented Medusa nail team

Stylists from Edinburgh's Medusa salon put wur hair up.

Cupcakes and carnage

It's a GREAT look on me.


Ayden gets her nails did.


Check out my stylists hair. Yes, that' her HAIR! Amazeballs.

Alison Jameson intern Kara gets a smokey eye.

Check Claire out. UM, hot.

Those strawberry daiquiris were the business!

Enjoying that, Rani?

The back of my up do. Pulling kirby grips out my my heid for hours that night!

New yellow nails. MUST stop biting...

Ayden's nails. Check out the bow and anchor by Zara aka Miss Cutie Kills. Super talented nail artist!


Ann explains to me what volumising spray does. I in turn look STUNNED.

Such a lovely wee day with all my blogging besties! We went away with a goodybag packed with treats, and I'm super excited about trying all my Phil Smith hair products and new Tan Truth fake tan. Anyone used Tan Truth before? I'm always wary about fake tan since I'm so goddamned Casper-white, but I like the liquid texture of the rapid tan lotion as I'm SICK of the Fake Bake mousse (am I the only person still using it?) so I'll defo be giving it a go.

Thanks again to Stella & Snooki, and Medusa and Tigerlily for having us.

PS a few folk were asking about my yellow, floral kimono top (which I wore with Miss Selfridge orange tights and Rimmel Coral Queen lippy which I LOVE):

It's from Zara but I think it might be sold out now. But they have loads of similar shirts and kimono blouses in store at the moment - well worth a look.


girlinthecity said...

oh good, you captured my marie antoinette do ;) ... thirty kirbys, I shit ye not.

loved my nails though - feeling professional and pr like today :)

the candid photos are not our friends mind, lol!

awesome day, lovely to see you too toots x

BeautyH2T said...

so jelI couldnt go- it looks dreamy! and you all look utterly gorgeous!xxxx

Charlene said...

those candid photos - cringe! haha! was a great day though, nice seeing you! xx

Rachel said...

You look gorge m'dear, yellow clearly suits you! Looks great with your hair colour n all. xx

Madame G said...

Gutted I couldn't join you lovely ladies :(
Looks like you all had a great day - loving your outfit! xx

Julia M said...

Looks like a great day! Your outfit is so cool, well done on carrying off the many-coloured look without looking like a walking fruit salad.

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