Thursday, 28 July 2011


*warning* extreme fangirl creep alert...

Holy Hell, you know how sometimes you come across a fellow blogger and think "JEEEEZE I love this girl," and "I wanna be best pals with her cos she's do damn FIERCE!" etc etc?

Well let me introduce you to just about my FAVOURITE personal style blogger, Margaret Shaw of FASHION LITTER.

25-yer-old Texan Margaret is as mad as a box of frogs, and totally adorable with it! Alongside her innately awesome outfit posts she likes to ramble on about her husband Joey, her best pal Casey, her family, her cats, and just about anything and everything else. LOVE IT. Rambling blog posts? Something I can get on board with!

Despite having a modest following (madness!) she's been featured in WhoWhatWear, NYLON Japan, NYLON Korea and Free People.

Here's why:

OK, this was all a little creep-tastic, but I just HAD to let you guys in on my current crush.

Mags, can we be pals?

(And can you gimme a loan of those Philip Lim 3.1 quilted shorts and a shot of your Litas? CHEERS!)

Love her.


Rachel said...

Wow she has pretty darn awesome style! I get the girl crush! And loving a good ramble myself might have to take a wander into her little world.. xx

Sophie said...

Oh I think I have a new crush <3

@NickOhLaa said...

Thanks for introducing me to this girl/ blog. You have good taste in bloggers x

Margaret said...

HAHA I can't believe I just came across this wonderful feature you did on my blog!! I am completely in love with the phrase "mad as a box of frogs". I'm gonna say it all the time now. And even though this post is from July, I AM SO gonna link to it when I update the ol' blog later tonight. You chose some of my personal favorite outfit photos, and I seriously could not stop laughing at your hilarious and very, very correct observation about my penchant for rambling. Also: the extreme fangirling is now mutual. Reasons: You are really, really astute, you have an awesome Tracey Emin piece on your sidebar, and Tracey Emin is a dazzling human being, and I could go on, but to avoid rambling in the comments (I do that...its weird), I'll just write about your awesomeness in an actual post! Novel idea, eh?

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