Friday, 15 July 2011



Today is pay day.


First on this month's TO BUY list is this gorgeous Zara bag I've been obsessing over covetting, ever since I saw Olivia Palermo rocking it on the streets of NYC:

Oh, 'Liv, you do know what you're doing accessory-wise doncha?

Yesterday I wore my grey & black striped maxi skirt from Urban Outfitters and a vintage silk leopard-print tshirt to stoat about town, and I couldn't help but feel like what my ensemble was missing was a LARGE, RED, LEATHER BAG.

"Hold the phone," I thought. "Doesn't that massive leather bucket bag from Zara come in a beeyootiful tomato-red colour too?"

Why yes, yes it does.
Come on now, isn't that a sight for sore eyes? Zara, you are really out-doing yourself on the bag front at the moment. Props to you. Perfect shade of orangey red, and JUST ABOUT big enough to house all my summer essentials such as an overly-large purse, Ray Bans, one broken lense from Topshop Ray Ban imitations, one large handfull of coppers, hundreds of hankies (clean and not so), browning banana, Vicks nasal spray, unidentifiable crumbs, four different kinds of lip balm, fluffy unwrapped Werthers Original, several hairbrushes... etc. (Remind me NEVER to do a What's In Your Bag feature.)

Anyway, ama defo head out to purchase this, possibly this evening... If I have time before Harry Potter that is.

Love ya, Harry! HARRY! HARRY DON'T DIE!!!*

*Harry doesn't die.**

**OR DOES HE?! ***

*** No, he actually doesn't.

EDIT: Speaking of Harry Potter, this shall also be making it's way to me ASAP:

Silver Deathly Hallows ring from Loki and the Dragon on Etsy.


Wonderland Girl said...



I was a right geek and went at midnight last night - its amazing. Maggie Smith has the best lines though - and I cried my heart out over Snape.

Argh loved it so much. Though now that it's over I literally feel like a huge chunk of me is missing!!!! Clearly going ot have to move to Florida and camp out fo the rest of my days inside a room in the Hogwarts castle at the Wonderful World of Harry Potter....

Much Love
Roisin Elizabeth

myneonlights said...

Oh bloody hell, another thing to add to my etsy wishlist. Want is an understatement! I freaking LOVED Deathly Hallows part 2. I cried like a baby, it was so immense. I now feel very bereft though. Christ.

Also that Zara bag is sweet, love its simplicity! x

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