Thursday, 21 July 2011


Dramz, dramz, dramz!

ASOS posted a few pics on their Facebook from their AW Trends collection, claiming these were the pieces that had been receiving the most hype for next season.

But oh dear, some folk REALLY did not like their offerings.

Case number one:

This look received less-than-enthusiastic comments like:

"I am not a fan of fur coats (fake or otherwise) they just look tacky! Give me a pretty leather one, or a wool military one. Fur looks nice on dogs and cats, but coats... noooo thank you! What exactly is the trend here? I'm just seeing random items?"

"A maxi dress and a fur coat? Not for autumn/winter in England... You'd have to be brave to wear a maxi with our weather :/"

"It's fashion victim material."

I felt compelled to comment. I mean, I don't LOVE this look more than life, but I do like it. I'm a sucker for a faux-fur coat and this one's divine. Plus, I defo expect to see a plethora of fur coats thrown on over maxi dresses and skirts for winter, especially in Glasgow. We do love a fur coat up here! So I chucked in my twopence:

"Some of the comments on these photos are hilarious! It's called fashion, people! Love this look, NEED that coat in my life. Snaps for ASOS :) xx"

Perhaps slightly condescending, but ASOS 'liked' it! Maybe more understandable once you see the mountain of abuse THIS pic got!

"Ha she looks like she has a deformed droopy boob out!!"

"What on earth is going on in this photo! everything is just so wrong!"

" It's like a cheap Christmas decoration, and I agree with Rhonda, does not inspire purchase at all! The photo is just wrong - she looks either drunk or stoned, the dress is awful, it doesn't look good with red socks and scarf, and it really ...does look like her boob has melted and fell into the dress... What is stylish about it? What is pretty about it? I've no idea why it would be in the most wanted! I totally do not like it. Give me something with shape, that has less glitter about it!"

"DISGUSTING! seriously LOVE fashion but why would I want to dress myself in this disgusting attire.. fashion is also about looking good.. why would I want to dress myself as a half gone old granny."


Again, even although I wasn't massively in love with the shot, it was clear to me lots of folk commenting were missing the point? I had to stick up for ASOS here:

"It's an EDITORIAL shot - obviously not massively wearable in reality styled up like this. But it's selling a look, a theme, an aesthetic! I get the vibe that she's just come home after a mental night partying till dawn, hence the dishevelled hair and boots etc. The dress itself is stunning and props for styling it up a bit more rock n roll. A risk (clearly, given the comments!) but personally I think it works. Xx"

Finally, this look also caused somewhat of a divide:

"Very mediocre! Incompatible with leopard and pink powder. skirt all but ruin. "

"Oh no jacket in theory yes yes yes but that look's cheap and nasty...frufru tutu dress yes please and jacket also if it ever gets to be made looking less like a primark bargain..(not that there's anything wrong with that of course)"

And of course, the uber eloquent, "Omg vile."

By this point I was thoroughly hacked off and beginning to feel like an alien from the plant Terrible Style, since again I actually LIKED this look. I couldn't be bothered to comment my opposing opinion again...

So anyway, am I mental? What do you guys think of these looks/shots? Please tell me I'm not alone!

Although, maybe there really is no hope for me, since today I almost bought (and might actually still buy) THIS gorgeous piece of god-awful/amazing tack, because I mean who DOESN'T love a bit of inappropriate religious iconography? I KNOW I DO!

Tasteless much? I bloody love it!


beewaits said...

tasteless? honey I would wear the shit out of that jumper. It's heavenly. *rim shot* HEY O!

I actually like what they are trying to do...the shoots just look a bit meh. Snaps to asos for trying to do something different. The internet is for insults and closed minds. LE SAD x

Wonderland Girl said...

So neither of the first 2 are my taste exactly - but that doesn't mean I can't understand the concept behind them. Plus I think you hit the nail on the head with the idea of her coming home after a ngihtout witht he second picture - that had been exactly what I was thinking about it a second before reading your comment.

As for the third one - I want that skirt! Wearign with doc martins and a (p)leather jacket -so Madonna in the 80s. And who doesn't love Madonna in the 80s?!

Much Love
Roisin Elizabeth

Tea For Two said...

I love the crap out of religious imagery - let me just say that right now.

As for the ASOS assassination.. To be honest with you, ASOS are obviously attempting to take their stuff in a more high fashion, risky, editorial direction and that's fine but they need to remember that it WILL alienate a lot of their customer base, who are, to be fair, people who associate style with a totally different, more watered down aesthetic. It's not necessarily that they're wrong and we're right, it's just that SOS has (in my view) been playing it sartorially safe for a long time now and making an absolute killing. If they're going to start throwing a few more rock chick looks into the mix and going for the mad-rave-up look, they'll have to expect some stones to be thrown from the middle of the road camp.

fritha louise said...

Eurgh stupid people are stupid. They just don't understand that it's fashion, daaahrling. People on the internet piss me off. I would wear it all, and I really want the fur coat and leopard leather jacket. It's genius.

Kirsty said...

Hey guys - Yeah, I guess you're all right. I just hate to see a bold decision or a fashion-forward direction slated but you can't please everyone I guess. On reflection I guess I was maybe a bit harsh but I just felt I had to defend the new direction a bit, even although in reality I actually hardly ever shop from ASOS's in-house range. Weird!!


Vanessa said...

Isn't fashion supposed to be interesting...? Like you say 'It's called FASHION PEOPLE' I understand everyone has different tastes and these styles are perhaps a bit more out there than the average joe, but the thing I don't get is, why make such strong and aggressive comments about them...? I guess everyone needs an outlet. ha!

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