Tuesday, 29 March 2011


I can't stop trawling the Net a Porter site for new delights - it's a form of self harm, SERIOUSLY!

I only actually have £60 left to spend of my £5,000 win, and I am reeeeeely struggling to find something I actually want for that. I had decided that I could be doing with some new accessories, but I'm afraid a Marc Jacobs iPhone cover (practically the only thing for £60 on the entire site) just DOESN'T get me going the same way that bags/shoes/jewellery/sunglasses do.

Ah sunglasses. When it comes to sunnies, I like mine BIG and BLACK...


Here, Abbey, geeze yer specs?

Check out my favourites from Net a Porter - don't they make you lust hard after a beer garden in the sunshine?

 The Row - favourites. Everything about these is right.


Alexander Wang - OK, so not black but whatevs. Still effin cool.

Linda Farrow - croc skin. Mutha-luvin croc skin!

Right summer, I'm ready for ya. Hurry up and arrive already!

OH, AND ALSO, my very talented photographer friend Nadine Yardley wants me to model for her tomorrow... LOLOCAUST! If you know me, you'll know my extreme discomfort at having my photo taken in any kind of posed manner (remember I tried doing outfit posts? Yeah, that went well.........).

However, hopefully with loads of editing it won't even really look like me. This is the sort of thing she's going for:

Photo byVictoria Zeoli for Dazed and Confused

I'll let you guys know how it goes, and possibly post the result in due course. Wish me luck trying to pose for her - I'm thinking a cheeky mid-afternoon zinfandel will help...


1 comment:

Julia M said...

I'm sure the photo-taking will be fiiiine and you'll have a blast! Good luck!

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