Saturday, 19 March 2011


Oh dear, I am STUPIDLY late at posting this...

On Thursday I was invited along to this event by Jonathan from Les Garcons De Glasgow

Greek luxury jewellers Folli Follie had challenged Jon to photograph their most stylish Scottish shoppers. The lucky 14 were styled and photographed by him and the photos were unveiled on Thursday in the St Enoch's Centre store. Guests and customers could then vote for their favourite look and the winner gets to keep their favourite accessory from the shoot.

I say GETS because you can still vote at LGDG up until the 27th of March. I think I'll be voting for this lady:

Hello, mad shoulder harness HINGWAY! Love it.

I really meant to go to this because it looked super fun (nothing at all to do with the 20% in-store discount on the night....) but UNFORTUNATELY I had double booked myself.

Where did I end up instead???? Oh, only SHAWLANDS SPIRITUALIST CHURCH with my maw and her pal. Random is not even the word....

I'll be honest, a large part of me was a little disappointed it wasn't more like this:

If you get a chance, watch this week's episode on iPlayer... Skip to about 2 mins in - Raymond Day is on fire in this one. "Total effin C. She's telling me he's a total effin C." Classic.

Brain of a 14-year-old boy, ACTUALLY.


Ayden said...

Haha awww man, how was the church?! Very random indeed! Did you get a reading? Limmy really cracks me up something awful :) xx

Anonymous said...

nice idea.. thanks for sharing.

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