Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Seems like I've not been able to escape Keira Knightley and her impressive jutting jaw lately. First the Trailer for Anna Karenina in the cinema and all over YouTube, then Atonement (which is brilliant) AND The Edge of Love (which is NOT) are both on TV in the same week? Coincidence? Doesn't seem likely. Added to this, I've also watched Never Let Me Go this week too, so all in all it's been a bit of a Knightley Jaw Fest in my hoose.

I have mixed feelings about Keira as an actress. She's been in some SERIOUS HUMDINGERS like Domino, King Arthur, London Boulevard and The Duchess, but equally she's been all kinds of awesome in films like Atonement, Pirates of the Caribbean (first one only), The Hole, and Never Let Me Go. I have a theory that she's at her best in period films playing slightly stuck up, unlikeable characters - it's hard to empathise with someone quite so ANGULAR as Keira.

Having said all that, there is NO denying she's one of the most striking actresses out there, never more so than in her recent editorial for September's Harper's Bazaar where I reckon this is the best she's EVER looked. Utterly stunning. Let's revisit...

The Gothic, jewel tones of the styling perfectly compliment Keira's darker hair and autumnal makeup - in particular I love the dark berry-red lip in the last image and the more muted stain on the subscriber's cover, not to mention her epic brows - just beautiful! But I do wonder if she maybe had a spot or something on the right side of her face... Keira, TURN AROUND! Still, this is undoubtedly a gorgeous editorial and my favourite since the Mert & Marcus spread in April's Interview.

Oh heck, let's all have a look at the Anna Karenina trailer one more time cos it's THAT good. Joe Wright, (who also directed Atonement) you genius!

OH, I LOVE ME A TRAGIC PERIOD ROMANCE! What do you reckon, are you excited to see it? What do you think of Keira - awesome of awful? I've asked this before of folk and she definitely splits opinion!


jennifer said...

lol love this post, Keira and her JAW!
personally I can't stand her, I don't know why there is just something about her I really dislike!
Those photos are beautiful though!
I just seen the trailer for Anna Karenina yesterday and it does actually look quite good, Keira aside lol

hannah. ♥ said...

wow, she's so beautiful and these photos are fantastic. i really want to see anna karenina. xxx


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