Wednesday, 26 September 2012


I KNOW London Fashion Week has been over for ages and I meant to do this post a while back but I got totally sidelined by a PR post and then the Emmys and completely forgot. It seemed a shame to waste these beautiful images though, so LUCKY YOU, you get another irrelevant and out of date Fashion Week post! I'm so good to you.

Truthfully there weren't all that many LFW shows I was overly impressed with. I don't know if it's so much the collections themselves or me being less "into" it as I've been in the past, but I found it hard to get buzzed like before. Mulberry was a highlight though (loved watching the FROW get settled on the live stream - Olivia Palermo you dawl) as was Meadham Kirchoff.

I've had a soft spot for Meadham Kirchoff since their AW10 collection blew my mind - veils, crowns, hunners o' bangles, bright pinks, stickers, heavy eyeliner... Every model was like an exponentially-cooler version of my inner 13 year old.

This year it seems Ed and Ben took a leaf from Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette, channelling a pastel-coloured 18th century France with an air of frivolous, luxurious excess...

Gaudy awesomeness, right? Amazing! I still don't think it beats my favourite collection ever from them...

MK - SS12

..but it's right up there. Are they trying to be uber clever, commenting on the global financial crisis and the resulting age of austerity we've all been forced into... Or are they just having fun with bows and costume jewellery - playing dress up like little kids do? More is more. Let them eat cake. etc.

 I'm inclined to think it's the latter, but, regardless, I love me a bold, fun, ostentatious collection that doesn't take itself too seriously LIKE LOADS AND LOADS OF OTHERS. For that reason Meadham Kirchoff will always be on my must see list for fashion week.

What do you guys think? Love it? Hate it? Are these posts even interesting?

I feel like I'm having a bit of an existential crisis with FFS at the moment. Posts about my recent purchases and wishlists and stuff are always well received and generally attract the most comments, but they don't tend to inspire me as much. I sometimes feel they're a bit of a cop out since they're easy to write and take hardly any thought. But on the other hand I get a kick out of putting together the likes of collection reviews, even though I am a complete layman and my opinion might be totally wack.

I write FFS for myself, mostly on my break at work as an afterthought, to basically have something to DO. I've been doing it for nearly 2 years and I still have less than 300 followers because I almost NEVER promote it, I never post outfit pictures of myself, I hardly ever comment on other people's posts (a bad habit I'm trying hard to break) and I regularly abandon it for over a week at a time. That pretty much breaks EVERY SINGLE RULE there is about blogging! I've never really cared before - blogging isn't real life and if this all disappeared I wouldn't cry or nuffink (maybe) - but I'm fast approaching 200,000 views and I don't want to be BORING those of you who do read. I feel like I've kind of lost my direction.

Should I just stick to the highstreet stuff, recent purchases and wishlists? Or maybe I should take a leaf out of Ayden's book and start trying to be a bit more personal in my posts...? I don't know. Is it fine the way it is? 200,000 views is a drop in the ocean compared to other folk's blogs I am well aware, but it feels like a lot to me and I think it's freaked me out a bit. I might take some time off and have a think. Or I might just carry on doing whatever the hell I like and ignoring all the rules. Do other people feel like this? Am I being dramatic? Do I just need to lay off the coffee at 7:14 am in the morning? What is the meaning of life? Where did I leave my keys..?

Oh hell. Just ignore me. Here's the trailer for Marie Antoinette because although it's a STINKER of a film, it sure is pretty to look at.


dinoprincesschar said...

Hey lovely, I think it's great that you are stepping outside of what are considered "the blogging rules" (and oh my, how I hate that term!) and posting what you like and when you like. As you say, your blog is somehting you do for YOU, and if it's not making YOU happy then what is the point? xx

BeautyH2T said...

keep going as is love, I love what you post and i love the way you post it!

I feel exactly the same with mine right now, just not the inclination to do it all the time any more but dont want to just abandon it- I say to hell with who says what goes, just do what you want and makes you happy


Ayden said...

Thanks for the mention sweetness. I totally know what you mean - I often feel the same. And even more deflated when I do post really personal stuff because sometimes people find it harder to genuinely comment on posts like that (it's a lot harder than saying 'nice dress) so it does look as if they get less interest, which makes me question what I write! Anyways, I think you need to do what YOU enjoy, because at the end of the day you want to enjoy it. You've got the best banter and write so wonderfully, I think wether its personal or fashion related or totally random I would still read. Cause its the person that makes the blog too, not just what they write about :) Anyways, rant aside. You are awesome! xx

P said...

The third picture.... I love!

My two cents on your blog crisis - i love your blog and i just think you should post what you want to post. We will all follow you anyway.

Jessica said...

I've never commented before out of general shyness but I would be truly gutted if you stopped doing this blog! Its one of the few genuinely cool as well as relatable and not to mention HILAR blogs - especially Scottish blogs - that I haven't missed an entry of since I started reading over a year ago. I never noticed that you break any blogging 'rules', although now you mention it the things you don't do are probably the same things that make it noticeably and refreshingly different from the other blogs I read. FFS was one of the blogs me and my pals would save as a treat when we were ready for strangling ourselves in the library during our dissertation year, and we'd all be sad to see it go. To conclude this essay, I'd like to plagiarise the person above me - blog about whatever you like however you like, just don't leave us :)

Mairead said...

I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING SAID ABOVE. Just saw this and honestly man yours is one of my faves. I follow quite a number now on my Google Reader and recently loads have been huge yawns (beauty boxes, stuff everyones been sent, sponsored posts yadda yadda) and they are boring me. Seriously getting fed up of them. However, I totally look forward to reading one of yours - it's conversational, fun to read and about stuff I want to read about.. Triple whammy! Basically, I think your blog is ace xxx

PS I have just noticed that the wee 'please prove you're not a robot' is a picture of a disabled sign.. Not sure how to write that?! So.. Will this comment ever see the light of day.. Who knows.

My Blonde Ambition said...

I'll just add to the comments above - don't stop blogging! Even if you're not getting comments on every post, you know people are reading and I much prefer a blog that's updated every so often with something interesting and personal to one filled with freebie reviews and sponsored posts. It's hard when your blog's not your day job, sometimes I don't know where the time goes and you realise you've not posted for months and feel the need to apologise for the lack of posts! But don't stop altogether, I always enjoy reading what you think! x

Fashion said...

The 7th picture is just dazzling. I really love the way you maintain your blog. Would love to check out furthermore.

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