Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Who doesn't love a smart LBD?

When I was contacted recently by Damsel in a Dress to pick one of their pieces for review, I instantly knew what I would be opting for...

The smart-yet-practical Rosa dress is a panelled, thick jersey calf-length black dress which I had visions of wearing to one of the HUNNERS of job interviews that would surely be heading my way after weeks of franticly applying for everything remotely communications based...RIGHT? Pfft, thats a whole nother story!

Anyway, a kickass LBD was the very thing I needed to conquer the world of work, and the Rosa arrived promptly near-enough the next day. Packaged beautifully I must add...

Initially when I tried it on I was convinced I'd found my ideal smart work/interview/classy dress. Not too low cut, conservative length, just the right ammount of sass - IDEAL. Until my dad, who happened upon me prancing about the hall pretending to be Joan from Mad Men, loudly exclaimed, "Jesus, you're barely in that thing."


But he was right - upon closer inspection it really was a smidge too tight... For the workplace anyway.

As is ALWAYS my issue (sigh), the dress fit perfectly around my bust, arms and waist, and thanks to the considerable thickness of the material did a fair bit of sooking in too, but clung round my hips and bahookie. I ordered a 10 thinking that the stretch would compensate but I guess I was asking just  a bit too much of it.

The problem is that I'm sure if I'd ordered a 12, while it would no-doubt have fit round my bum, it would have gaped unattractively at my waist. Most 12s do.

GAHD. My life is so hard. *takes another bite of donut*

MOANING aside, I can't really blame the dress for my fat ass. What Damsel in a Dress have created is a line of comfortable, form-fitting, classy dresses (and coats and tops too) which I was really very impressed with. I couldn't fault the quality of the finish either - for £149 you most definitely get what you pay for.

If you're in the market for a dress like this check them out here.

*I was sent this item for free but I was not paid for my review. I keep it real, innit.

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