Friday, 29 June 2012


Today sees the launch of Topshop's AW12 Preview shots. They're going for 7 key looks this year - the imaginatively named Punky Checks, Master Mod, Wild Wild West, The Sweater is Eveything, Yes It's My Boyfriend's, Sixties Siren and Collared Style.

From the descriptions alone, I can safely say that on the surface I dig four of them... I do like a bit of Mod-style tailoring, love nothing more than an oversized Boyfriend coat, novelty Sweaters enjoy a sacred place in my heart, and embellished Collars have my vote. But as for Punky Checks, Wild Wild West and Sixties Siren? YAWN. Either they've done it before (sixties), I'm afraid I'm too told (punky checks) or it simply makes me boke (wild west, eeew!)

But I have to say, I think the images kind of let Topshop down. Judge for yourself...

This is supposed to embody "Punky Checks." Could do better.

They just DON'T grab me in the same way last year's collections did. Remember the brightly coloured cigarette pants, creepers, boxy tailoring and faux fur? I'm sure faux fur and dresses will come for high winter (aka work night out season) but as for the rest, it's pretty lacklustre, especially in comparison.

I DO hold out hope for a slew of awesome coats though, what with the promise of Boyfriend styles, statement collars and tweed. But as for the rest I'm genuinely a bit bummed. The images have an air of depression around them, no? Maybe it's just cos the girls are so DOUR looking...

What do you guys think, are you excited for Topshop's AW12 trends? Am I being too harsh (again)?

EDIT: I actually just found THIS LINK to another collection called Scandi Girl but the link to "shop Scandi Girl" hasn't been configured and it isn't included in this promo release for autumn so I'm guessing it'll be released later in the year. It looks like more of the type of thing you'd expect from Toppers and something I can DEFO get involved in. You heard it here first!

EDIT AGAIN: OK, on further investigation it seems that Scandi Girl is actually a trend for Spring/Summer - except that the lookbook images for it include hats, scarves and faux fur galore? Not sure what's going on here. THIS is the type of thing I wanna see for winter not spring? Confused.

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helen at thelovecatsINC said...

i love the 60s style black and white coat, will keep my eye out for it!

love your blog, definitely following :)

from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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