Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Remember last year when I wrote that blog about the Edinburgh College of Art fashion design degree show? And mind that I also reviewed it for the List? Well one of the designers I mentioned, David Vallance, (who also happens to be a pal - yay!) has only gone and got one of his pieces featured on unique online fashion retailer MUUSE!

The concept is that if enough people pre-order his backless shirt dress it'll be put into production at a discounted price. And lucky for us it's pretty damn fabulous...

Pretty fierce, no? Looks something akin to a Cos or Zara number but with a more of a sexy slap round the chops. It's on at a pre-order price of $295 but like I said, if it goes into production the price will come down. Not bad though, for a badass designer dress.

David is one of the most determined and dedicated young Scottish designers I've had the pleasure of knowing. Having seen him working LITERALLY day and night on his final collection Flirting With Conformity last year, it makes me super proud to know he's finally getting some well-deserved recognition. The collection remains as edgy, chic and contemporary as it ever did and he's set the bar high for himself and other designers with a passion for slick lines and exceptional tailoring. Trust me when I say he's one to watch.

Go pre-order. Now.

(Photos courtesy of MUUSE)

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