Monday, 11 June 2012


If you follow me on Instagram (kirsty44susnets) you'll already have seen some of these shots of Tavi for Vogue Nippon channelling a 60s vibe in her typically awesome, off-beat way...

Favourite person blogger in the world. Ever.

Can you believe she's 16 now? I remember reading Style Rookie (before it was even called that) back when she was just 13 and dressed like a mentalist/the coolest old lady you'd ever seen. It might sound creepy but I'm really enjoying watching her grow up and seeing her style and tone of the blog evolve. These shots are GORGEOUS - she's gonna be a total heartbreaker, no?

That did sound kinda creepy.

And yes, I DO read Rookie Mag even though it's aimed at girls ALMOST TEN YEARS YOUNGER THAN ME, because deep down I have the mental/emotional age of an adolescent. Fact. And seriously, some of those articles are downright HELPFUL.

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eversojuliet said...

Oh wow, I remember looking at her blog years ago - she's changed so much! Gorgeous stuff.

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