Monday, 30 April 2012


This summer, I've decided my number one style crush will be Marina from Marina and the Diamonds. Bubblegum pop meets pastel 50s housewife perfection... So glad she's ditched those garish, cartoon prints and gone for something softer. Plus, that hair... SWOON.

Totally adorable, right? What do you guys make of her updated style? Also, I used to think Marina and the Diamonds were pretty GODAWFUL music-wise, but I have to admit, that Primadonna tune is slowly growing on me, mainly cos Marina is an utter babe in the video - I can't stop watching it!


Abigail Beatrice said...

I actually love all her hairstyles! She is really beautiful! xxxalit

Caroline said...

Love the pretty pastels, especially the lace dress, gorgeous! Primadonna girl is always stuck in my head lately!

Caroline x
Caroline's Catwalk

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