Monday, 30 April 2012






So you may or may not have noticed my week-long absence. Some pretty intense LIFE things have been happening which have made it a little difficult to blog about clothes and makeup without it feeling frivolous and pointless.

One of these intense LIFE things is that my best pal and all round right-hand-man Kirsten has just upped and moved to Australia for a year, potentially two. SOB! The main reason I took last week off from both work and blogging was so we could spend time together before she left, which we did in typical fashion by snoozing, "running," watching telly, head-banging at the Cathouse, eating McDonalds, drinking a LOT, laughing and of course crying at the airport in proper ridiculous over-the-top movie style. Not even joking you guys, I thought I was going to faint at one point. It was extremely sad and bittersweet :(

Also, another one of my bezzies just bought her first flat so I spent a few days last week giving her a hand moving in and cleaning the old one which was both exciting and gross in equal measure!

With all these changes happening around me, recently I've been feeling like everyone I know has been moving on and moving up in life and I'm still stuck in the same position. After my Masters I thought life would be dramatically different, but nothing particularly exciting happened (not for the want of trying) and here I am still living at home, still working the same job and still moaning about the same stuff as before. Nothing brings this feeling home more than waving off your best pal as she walks through the airport towards the adventure of a lifetime...

HOWEVER, there is one other INTENSE LIFE EVENT that I'm dying to spill the beans about, but I can't just yet since it hasn't been officially approved and I just KNOW if I start blabbing about it while it could still fall through that I'll definitely jinx it. But guys, it's big...

I should hopefully know one way or another in a week or so, but things are looking positive so far so if everyone could please keep their fingers and toes crossed for me that would be AMAZING!

Anyway, consider normal service resumed... for now.

(pics fom my Instagram: kirsty44sunsets)

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Abigail. said...

I definitely hope when my friends and I start moving on that it'll be me flying away... Fingers crossed on the 'big news'!

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