Monday, 16 April 2012


This post is definitely more than a little creepy but y'all probably know by now how much I absolutely adore January Jones (ultimate girl crush) and I've been promising a "why I love Jan Jones" post for ages so consider this the first installment.

Reason 1: She never does a bad cover. Ever.


This last one is more than a little racy for a dreary Monday morning, but hells, LOOK AT THE RACK ON THAT! Fierce.

Plus, as Betty Draper, you've gotta admire her parenting style...

"Go bang your head against a wall."

Is it weird that this makes me love her more? It definitely is. If you haven't seen Mad Men you need to. IMMEDIATELY.

Anyway, Love ya Jan Jones.


Abigail. said...

The woman is the epitome of fierce. Shame Betty got fat though.

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

I do agree she makes a good magazine cover, but I remember reading the interview in the Marie Claire mag and she came off pretty odd and not very nice I thought. Nice rack though fo sure. x

Kirsty said...

I know what you mean Rachel, she has a bit of a reputation for being strange and little bitchy, but I mean AREN'T WE ALL THOSE THINGS? I still totes love her... It's like a wild, unconditional thing. I sound like a huge creepball... xx

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