Monday, 2 April 2012


Some of you may well have seen this editorial when the May edition of ASOS Magazine popped through your letterbox this morning but I couldn't NOT post it here since Claire is my number 1 homegurl LIKE YOU DIDN'T ALL ALREADY KNOW (I only mention her in like every second post afterall...)

I'm thrilled to see 32-year-old Claire representing what I've always considered to be a very young, teen-targeted retailer like ASOS. Clearly still on her Homeland promo run, this latest editorial shows her at her best, looking relaxed, confident and radiant, and the accompanying interview - while not exactly ground-breaking - works well as a charming introduction for younger folk unfamiliar with her general awesomeness. I wish they hadn't made her talk about TOWIE though. She's cool and relevant enough without shoe-horning that pointless quip in.

Styling wise I would have changed up that first tank top in the cover shot though, and maybe replaced it with something floral...? Not into that motif thing. But other than that the looks are spot on, especially the hair and makeup.

Love ya Claire! And loving how amazingly that video links this post to my last :)


Anonymous said...

I loved her hair in this shoot - SUCH an improvement from how it looks in my opinion anyway!
And couldn't agree more on the TOWIE comment. When they mentioned it in the front-page caption I was just perplexed and how un-fitting it is?! Nevermind!

Rosie x

Sisters Don't Share said...

What a babe. Love this - wouldn't have put her in those colours myself, but she looks amaze! Xx

P said...

She looks stunning. As a 32 year old also, it's always nice to see! :-)

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