Thursday, 5 April 2012


The Kids Choice Awards are a hard one to dress for, CLEARLY. Its held during the day, Will Smith is hosting it and it's to do with kids so you don't wanna rock up in Altelier Versace, but at the same time it's still an awards show, there's still a red orange carpet and your picture is still going to be in all the magazines the next day. Tough balancing act, right?

Here are some slebs from this year's awards who found striking the perfect balance HARDER THAN MOST. And some who just can't pose for toffee...

Not even a SMUG GRIN and pink shoes can stop that black dress looking BORING

I know I'm SUPPOSED to like this look but I just don't. I hate that you can see the white lining of her skirt (cheap) and all that makeup makes her look about 45.

I don't know who this is, but she needs to CLOSE HER LEGS.

Oh God, what the hell are you doing here Heidi Klum? Also, looking more than a little past it in this getup. PS how about ditching that stony-faced stare next time. You're giving me the creeps. 

That awkward moment when your mum looks like a TOTAL FUD on the red carpet and majorly embarasses you in front of the world's press.

I'm confused and disturbed in equal measure.

"Hey, I know what'll ruin this otherwise perfectly acceptable salmon short-suit! Hideous grey shoe boots."

Oh my God. Prom gone wrong.

Smize at me all you want, I'm judging you cos your dress is WAY SHORT and you totally know it.

Do you put your hand on your hip or leave it down? It's hard being Selena Gomez.

Now for the QUEEN of awkward red carpet poses. These pictures made me actually BAH-HA out loud. Kristen Stewart really out-did herself this time in the standing-like-a-man stakes, and I kind of love her for it. Such a dork.

Are you hiding a football up there?

It's almost physically painful.



Caroline said...

Hilarious! It is a hard one to dress for but seriously there's some bad outfits going on!

Caroline x
Caroline's Catwalk

fritha louise said...

Ahahaha this post made me laugh so much. K Stew really is the most ridiculous looking person. These people need to sack their stylists sharpish!

Abigail. said...

Hahah great post, who knew it'd be so difficult to dress for a kids award show, and Mrs Smith's look is such a disaster!
And I'm still hoping that once the final Twi-shite has come out Kristin will disappear forever...

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