Tuesday, 9 August 2011


First off, a few things...

Wow! My last post had LOADS of views from Gem's blog, so thanks again so much to her for agreeing to take part in my wee Q&A sesh, and for pimping out FFS :)

Oh and you may notice I have a spiffing new header. I'm afraid I can take NO credit for it's awesomeness - it was 100% the work of the lovely Charlene from Dainty Dresses - go check her out. Thanks again dawl!

OK. So whilst I fear the load of new followers I've amassed recently (*waves* hi btw!) might run screaming and crying to click unfollow as fast as their little paws will allow, let me show you some vintage picks I've been loving on Etsy over the last few days... Brace yourself.

Firstly, this little coral dress...

RIGHT,I know what you're thinking, but I'm going to Venice in four weeks and I'm REALLY lacking in pretty floaty dresses! Imagine this cut off to the knee, with the Mulberry Alexa and some chunky wooden sandals and gold jewellery. And a tan, obviously. Pretty, right? RIGHT? Hmm... I see you remain unconvinced.

How about this wee ditty:

I'm picturing this with a massive wide-brimmed black hat and oversized cat-eye sunnies, flat sandals and a load of chunky silver rings. Yes? Yes.

This wee handmade bow ring kind of speaks for itself. Who doesn't love a pretty little silver ring, aye?

I thought this was leopard-print at first but actually it's tiny yellow flowers on a black background. 90s tiny floral-print-tastic! Not particularly suitable for holibags, but you can never have too many vintage shirts. Fact.

In contrast, this slinky cardigan IS leopard print - tiny little leopard print at that. Just divine with something really plain underneath, and a chunky gold watch. As it's slightly colder in the evenings here (Glesga) I find my fingers drifting more and more to the cardigans/knitwear sections of my favourite websites. Looking very much forward to autumn... 

Silver crown thumb ring. Self explanatory. Would also look super cool strung on a long, delicate necklace. MUST HAVE!

Spotty batwing sundress. The 50s kitchness of this wee dress really appeals, and I keep picturing myself swanning around Venice, devouring gelato and blowing kisses to sexy gondoliers whist wearing it... This is dangerous !

American flag knitted cardigan. Part of me loves this and part of me thinks I'm not cool enough to pull it off. I wanna rough it up a little and sew band patches and ironic badges onto it... Still. I do like it.

Ivory-effect sugar skull pendant. Speaks for itself. Morbid, creepy, and cool as floof.

Bold colour block bikini. So although Venice is a city, and technically my week away there could be classed as a city break, I also can't stop coveting pictures of cool swimwear. Languishing on a scorching beach in this bikini, wearing Alexander Wang's angular sunglasses... YES please!

Sideways cross necklace. Keep seeing loads of sideways cross bracelets, but I'm loving the simplicity and uniqueness of this delicate wee silver chain.

Finally we come to my favourite picking. Does anyone remember seeing this picture on KnightCat absolutely AAAAAGES ago? Well I do! I could hardly stop thinking about this shoulderless, vintage wonder:

Seriously, I was googling 'shoulderless denim' for weeks after, but nowhere I checked did a good-enough copy. Until now!

OK, well technically this vintage shirt isn't perfect - not sure how I feel about those ruffles, pretty sure I'd be chopping them off ASAP. But I do actually like that this ties together, and it's the first thing I've seen that's remotely similar. I'm sorely tempted to get this and again rough it up a bit.

OR this little shirt is also a winner:

So. To new followers, this is the kinda borderline-tacky, 90s grungy, ugly/beautiful vintage shiz I am into. Feel free to unfollow if I've offended your eyes, but let me try and tempt you to stay with a plethora of lolz courtesy of the most ridiculous Etsy offering I've ever seen. EVER...

Because, hell, I don't know about you but I've been SORELY missing a blue, furry, Grover-faced high-waisted skirt in my life. WORD.


girlinthecity said...

oooh - get your grover on girl ;)

but seriously, nice wee collection - and I actually quite love the heart shaped bodice thingy (technical term)

a x
Girl in the City Glasgow

Lizzy Martin said...

I think you idea about the coral dress sounds lush!

Jesss said...

That skirt is the single most amazing thing I have ever seen!
I love the first dress, I can totally see it working :)


Saskia the Style Fairy said...

the black and white combo is lovely - it will look ace with a big floppy hat x

Julia M said...

That Grover skirt is just what you need for your hols. Does the face go on the front or the back? I can't quite decide which would be more creepy...

Eloise said...

I like, I like! I also thought the shirt was leopard print but I think it's better now it's floral. Sort of Clarissa Explains it all esque - gimme


Wonderland Girl said...

Everyone needs a furry blue face pritned skirt in their life yeah? Maybe not then...


LOVE the first dress and the 50s batwing one. I wouldn't even shorten the first one but tbh thats just me - I see maxi and I go for it ;)

Much Love
Roisin Elizabeth

Kirsty said...

Lol JULIA I think it would be creepier on the front... Grover on yer growler etc.


Glad you guys like my weird and wonderful picks! xx

wobblinbetty said...

tnx for the following darling! loving your blog and I'm really happy I have found you! following you back!!!
and btw, how cool is the lady cat pic?? :)

R. Grace said...

Great pieces! What an eclectic assortment!

beewaits said...

hahaha....this post = why you are one of my favourites. fucking flawless kirsty xx

Temporary:Secretary said...

Love the bow ring so much! Very cute! x

head over heels said...

i love the american flag cardie and bow ring, and you know what has been missing from my life? a furry cookie monster skirt :P x

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