Sunday, 21 August 2011


Yo! So, incase you didn't know by now I'm a GAGA nut!  Been belting out her latest single from Born This Way, the country-inspired You and I awww week and revelling in the madness of the video.

Do yourself a favour and get it up loud. YOU, YOU AND IIII!!!

Do I totally 'get it?' No. But do I love it? YES! Plus Gaga as Jo Calderone = FIT.

The video was directed by Laurianne Gibson and Lady Gaga, and the fashion director credit goes to her bezzie Nicola Formechetti from Mugler again. A full list of the outfit credits can be found here, and as ever it is IMPRESSIVE!

Oh, Mother Monster, you've gone and done it again!

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E is for Eleanor said...

Ahh I love it! Thanks for posting :D Crushing on her dressed as the 50s bad boy! x

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