Tuesday, 2 August 2011


I recently interviewed renowned fashion expert and industry icon Caryn Franklin for a project I'm putting together as part of my Masters and thought I'd share it with you guys.

We ended up chatting for about 45 mins in total but this version is just under half an hour - I took out a lot of my CRINGEY extraneous uhming, ahing and general blethering and kept in all the juicy bits including her description of her time at i-D and The Clothes Show, tales of a few BRILLIANT fashion moments including what it was like interviewing Lee McQueen, a run down of the All Walks campaign (which I mentioned in my ECA review post) and finishing with some SERIOUSLY useful tips for getting a job in the industry.

- You can also hear me saying things like "definitely" and "oh jeeze" and "really" about ten gazillion times, but forgive me. I'll be honest and admit I was freaking out talking to someone as cool and knowledgeable as Caryn...

Caryn Franklin interview - Kirsty McLaren by kirsty44SUNSETS

Cringe at my THAT WAS REALLY REALLY INTERESTING chat at the end! Jings. Get a grip wummin...

But aye, it was actually REALLY REALLY INTERESTING, no? Agree?

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rebeccabrundle said...

Hello Kirsty!

I found this really interesting! And very useful. I am finishing my fashion degree and for my major project I am producing a newspaper supplement on All Walks Beyond the Catwalk so hopefully will be able to get an interview with Caryn :)



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