Sunday, 10 October 2010


So, it was only a matter of weeks ago I pure blabbed on and on about how refreshing it was to see normal-sized models on the catwalk... About how real women (the phrase has become a cliche already) with boobs and bums and all sorts strutting down the catwalk like nobody's business with full on swagger and confidence.

How disappointing then to see these recent pictures of The Lake and the Stars newest collection of lingerie. I actually first saw this over at Kingdom of Style where Queen Michelle was pointing out how lovely the lingerie was.

To be honest, although she is right - the pieces themselves are lovely - I was far too distracted by the emaciated state of the models to even notice. So completely put off by the images it took me a while to remember what I was meant to be looking at - the clothing. In the business of fashion I'd say that was a bad thing.

This last one is the worst - and how about that caption. Ironic much?
I'm not trying to wade into a debate about weight in general, or go about bashing skinny folk. It takes all kinds as the saying goes and who the hell am I to judge a person for their appearance?
But when it comes to modelling - when I am actively being sold a product - I do feel entitled to an opinion.
Make no mistake, I'm not a fan of super-plus-sized models on the runway as I think it can often be as distracting as super-skinny models and it can have the same effect - no one remembers the clothes.
Neither extreme should be glamorised or accepted. Surely the clothes should look the best they can in order to sell as many as possible, and I happen to be of the mind that lingerie looks the best on slender, curvy, sexy women. I mean, this last girl looks like she is literally wasting away!
It's distracting. I'm not looking at the product. I'm not thinking, OH MAN those knickers would look so hot on me. I'm thinking, jeeze, I wonder when that girl last had a burger and chips, or if she even still has her period.
But what I think I'm most shocked at is that no one spotted this. No one at The Lake and the Stars thought, hey, she looks a little skinny, I feel a bit unsettled by this. People are accepting of mega skinny models and it troubles me. It really truly does. Self-esteem comes easy to a small minority of girls, and the last thing we need are pictures like this making skinny seem cool and alluring and desirable.
Looking at this I basically feel like I've been under-estimated as a female consumer.
What do you think?

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Paul Barnes said...

I think your observations and articulation of a highly sensitive topic are quite outstanding.

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