Monday, 25 October 2010


So today I broke my toe getting out of bed. Only me...

At the hospital I was kept waiting for over 2 hours in total and after my xray (which clearly no one looked at) they said I was fine and to go home and take some paracetamol. THEN they phone me an hour later, like, "Oh, shit, sorry - actually you have fractured your toe, so, like, we probably should have bandaged it or something?" Great going guys.

Aaaanyway I had other more exciting things to blog about tonight but frankly all the codeine I downed earlier has made it hard to concentrate for long on doing anything productive SO instead I'll leave you with the revelation that James Franco makes a very handsome woman. NO, REALLY:

Defo still would, you saucy minx.

(by Terry Richardson )


Emma said...

Haha, oh dear, wishing you a speedy recovery!

In reply to your comment about the new Barry M Effects - yeah, pretty sure it works on all nail varnishes! Can't wait to try out red... x

Freya said...

I love James Franco. He is so hot for doing this. Thanks for your lovely message. It was a really sweet message:) Feel free to follow me and enter my giveaway <3
Freya xxxo

Kirsty said...

No problem, so touching. I will do as soon as I get in - having a bit of trouble with the uni computers at the mo, just keeps saying ERROR in a really sinnister way when I click on the link! xx

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