Thursday, 21 October 2010


CLOWNING AROUND - SS 2011. Finally!

Pictures first, words after.

Stunning, I think we'd all agree. Not just the pieces themselves, but when you consider how much effort has gone into this, it's quite amazing. This is Glasgow-born designer Katerina Lambrou's graduate collection - inspired by "early 1980's carnivals and a free-spirited attitude towards capturing the world and surroundings."

Fun, free-spirited, playful... these are all vibes I can get on board with. I've said time and time again that this is what I want to see from spring/summer collections, and this is why I so often don't like this season, as it tends to be predictable and safe. Boring almost. I think Katerina has got it totally right here.

The pieces are bright, and printed with this gorgeous colour-splash print - the likes of which is tipped to be everywhere come next summer - but daring and edgy at the same time. Like the purple jumpsuit with the printed panels on the torso... that's pretty out there. You'd have to be really confident to pull that piece off! And ankle socks - she certainly has her finger on the pulse of what's going to be hot next season. But ultimately though it makes an impact, it's still totally wearable.

My favourite pieces are the pink cardigan with the puffy printed sections on the sleeves and the last asymmetrical dress with the ruffled neckline. I'm a sucker for volume and texture - basically anything to stop things looking too safe and pedestrian - and this collection has ruffles, prints, pleats, you name it!

What makes me really love this though is that it so completely comes from the heart. Katerina has designed a collection embodying fun, youth, playfulness, and as a result the whole collection has a kind of party atmosphere about it - and if you knew Katerina this would make so much sense!

Rarely have I seen someones bubbly, infectious personality so well-expressed through design. Helped perhaps by the fact that the stunning model is Katerina's double!

I challenge you to wear something from this collection and be in a bad mood. I'd bet it was just about impossible. This is EXACTLY the vibe I what for summer 2011.

Two thumbs up from me, but what do you all think?

* Katerina is currently looking to start stocking pieces from this collection in boutiques, so if you like what you see, drop me an email and I can pass it on to her.

**Katerina Lambrou is an accquaintance of mine, however I have chosen to review her collection because I genuinely like it and have done so honestly. Anything I am ever asked to review will always be done so objectively.**


Anonymous said...

love the socks and jumpsuit, images are great, looks like something i would buy from urban outfitters! well done kats!x from nat innes

Anonymous said...

Obviously a very talented lady! Wearable yet outlandish styles - fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I want the lot!

Anonymous said...

kats why you not selling this stuff . . . i want to buy cardigan and two dresses and top with shorts. Audrey x x x

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