Thursday, 14 October 2010


So, never really knew how to use Polyvore before - I confess I was more than a little scared of it, but who knew it could be so fun!

Here's my first ever effort. I have to say I went for a similar look today myself, except I had on lovely faux-leather shorts and a black velvet Tshirt from toppers and my trusty western shoes from urban, but it's all in the same vein. Those quilted shorts are the stuff of dreams, and I'm probably going to buy that Tshirt from Your Eyes Lie when I get paid.

Rock on!


Louder Than Silence said...

Those quilted shorts are just too perfect, good choices dear!

Sally from Louder Than Silence x

The Robyn Diaries said...

Love the outfit, rock star much! I would definitely buy that tshirt, it is brilliant. I love Your Eyes Lie, their little shop in Camden is great.

R x

Kirsty said...

Thanks ladies! I love Your Eyes Lie aswell. Not a massive fan of prints but they always seem to hit the mark. The guys range of digital print tees are pretty amazing too. Wish I lived in London so much to pop in to the shop xx

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