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After last year's outstanding efforts from the fashion elite to celebrate the epic Alexander McQueen retrospective at the New York Met, this year's Met Ball had a lot to live up to. The theme this time, Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations, brought out lots of Prada, lots of couture and of course lots of humdingers!

I'm normally pretty on the ball with putting posts like this up at the appropriate time, but JEEZE-OH I've been busy! So much so that I've not had a spare moment to filter these pics into my usual FASHION WINS and FASHION FAILS respective piles. Until now!

So, yeah, I've found myself a spare 5 mins so let's DO THIS THING and you can all just ignore the fact that by now it's pretty much old news. Deal.


Carey Mulligan
I think what's making her face look all weird is actually the reflection from those massive shiny scales. Not ideal for a red carpet event with paps galore, but anyhoo Carey pulls this so-wrong-it's-right UBER-SEQUINED Prada number off immaculately. I love that someone quite demure in personality often  goes for such dazzling, daring sartorial choices. Joyful juxtaposition.

Florence Welch
Here's Flo in a McQueen creation which ticks all her red carpet gown requirements: ethereal, quirky, off-white, witchy, chiffony, goth bride, whimsical and show-stopping. Her formula ain't broke so I'm super glad to see she ain't fixing it. Stick to what you do best love.

Lana Del Rey
Loads of folk picked this as a worst dressed but I totally love it. The silvery sequined number would be stunning on its own but the addition of the cape pushes this into just the right side of the dark and macabre - think sexy, glamorous Count Dracula. Plus, I'm REALLY hoping this will spark a cape trend for winter party dresses cos that's one bandwagon I'm more than happy to jump on cos of my bingo wings.

Ginnifer Goodwin
Orange is such a contentious colour, but when you get it right MAN can it look amazing and Ginnifer's fitted number with high-necked detailing is a case in point. Ginnifer almost always smashes it and rarely gets the recognition, which is kinda pants...

Mia Wasikowska
Another Prada effort, another total win (except it could have been doing with a few inches off the length, no?). The tomboy in me is loving this more under-stated style of gown, while the girly girl is excited to see that pretty embellished collars are apparently going nowhere fast.

Again, another fashion fail for most, but I think MIA looks SO COOL here! Although her impressive barnet gives me major hair envy, I think something like a slicked-back Croydon face lift might have been more appropriate so we could see the gorgeous print on that fab skirt-suit, but whatevs, she's just rocked up not giving an EFF and I love that.

Emma Stone
There's something totes 90s about this tomato-red Lanvin dress which majorly appeals. I love Emma looking so young and fresh and clearly having fun. Cute as a button. Plus, lol at her date, Alber Elbaz who's come as an unnerving Elvis/Austin Powers hybrid.

Christini Ricci
Sometimes, even if you're petite, swamping yourself in masses of fabric can actually work, and ESPECIALLY if you're Christina Ricci. Remember her dress last year? I think I actually prefer this custom Thakoon number if that's possible. Totally statement, over the top,and tongue-in-cheek.


Chloe Sevigny
Oh Chloe, I hate to see you age :( sadly the combo of your "mom" haircut and orange fake tan have combined here to make you look positively DOWDY and even that daring cut-out dress can stop it. Sob. Can't we just freeze her in 1996 and wheel her out at these things? I'd prefer that.

Alexa Chung
Don't get me wrong, I understand what's SUPPOSED to happen here, but maybe it's a testament to my encroaching middle-age that I can't help inwardly screaming TAKE OFF THE WHITE SHIRT! It's too editorial a look and I just don't think Chungy can pull it off on the red carpet. Just looks wrong.

Marc Jacobs
The clutch, the bockies, the white buttons, the shoes... I guess it's an attempt to get papped and in that case I suppose it's a win of sorts, but let's be honest, it's a FAIL AT LIFE, Marc.

Gwyneth Paltrow
YAWN I was so bored by this until I noticed the sideboob - now I'm majorly disturbed and repulsed. Stop flaunting your rock-hard, sinewey body already, Gwyn, it's CREEPY!

Kristen Stewart
OF COURSE. How could we leave out KStew, once again taking the prize for most awkward red carpet poser in the universe here in this frankly FUGLY dress which does her no favours and actually makes her look a little chunky round the hips. Plus, those shoes... Why? WHY?! I do like her hair though. Still, everything below the eyes is wrong. Is that actually a GRIMACE?

So those were my best and worsts, what do you think, have I been unusually harsh/kind? There were a few I was just a bit MEH about, including (and it hurts me to admit it) my love, January Jones in a bright yellow effort with weird peplum and blah hair. She didn't look bad - duh, not possible - but nor did she WOW me. Excited for her next effort to blow me away. Also, special mention to Kirsten Dunst who wore a crazy Rodarte skirt suit which reminded me of something Tilda Swinton would rock. Still in two minds about that...

Thanks for sticking with me guys, sorry this is really late. I still have an event post and product review to go up at some point soon, plus a guest blog for another website, plus my real actual life to contend with (still waiting to hear back about my BIG NEWS ahh!) and I know I've been slacking a bit so soz. It's been playing on my mind and I promise to get the finger out a bit more over the next wee while.

ALSO, I recently hit 110,000 views which is a BIG DEAL for me so once I've picked something awesome I'm going to do a giveaway too. Keep 'em peeled!


Mairead said...

I absolutely adored Ginnifer! Totes agree that she never gets the recognition she deserves. I love her, even though she always looks a bit dour. Your fails were SO bang on - seriously why does K Stew even bother?!

Kirsty said...

Yay! Me too Mai, but I know what you mean about her looking a bit dour sometimes. Just doesn't seem to fit with her character from He's Just Not That Into You which is how I like to imagine her! xxx

Sarah said...

Love this! I hadn't seen Ginnifer's dress before this post and it's amazing!

Caroline said...

I loved Carey Mulligan and Florence Welch too! Alexa Chung is right up their on my fashion fails list, what was she thinking!! .. and Kristen Stewart pulled out her usual red carpet awkwardness in that odd dress!!

Caroline x
Caroline's Catwalk

Mairead said...

Yeah totally! She is so gorg (love her wee pixie hair) but she always looks a bit glum? Like she can't be arsed being there.. I've no idea why, as she's always wearing an AMAZING gown at a FABULOUS party. Anyway, I like her - currently been watching Once Upon A Time and she's a huge babe in that. Hadn't seen Mia's dress until your post - LOVE IT. I could seriously talk about dresses all day. xxx

hannah. ♥ said...

amazing roundup, definitely following your blog now! <3 so glad i found it!

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