Wednesday, 2 May 2012


So for loads of folk it seems  that going blonde in summer is something of an annual rite - one I've never been tempted to get involved with... UNTIL NOW.

Don't freak out, I'm not talking about bleaching my hair into oblivion a la Abbey Lee in my last post! My super-pale, yellowy colouring wouldn't suit something as ashy I don't think, plus I am WAY to chicken to go anywhere near the bleach! I'm talking something golden, sun-kissed. Summer APPROPRIATE. I'm getting really sick of my bottle-ginger that's always a slightly different shade each time I do it, plus it's all one block colour all over, which doesn't help with making it look all artfully-tousled when I can be bothered to curl it.

So for some golden blonde inspiration I've been looking to these beauts:

 For reference, this is what my hair looks like right now:

Not the best photos I'm afraid, but basically it's a sort of mid reddish-brown which shines up quite ginger in the sunlight. I've been dying it this colour or a version of this for years using semi-permanent dyes at home. My natural colour is yer bog-standard MOUSEY BROON.

Can any hair experts out there tell me, will this even be possible or will trying to lighten it just make it go bright orange? Will it ruin my hair? IS THIS A MISTAKE???? 

Do any of you guys go blonde for summer? Let's hear yer tales...


Kerry said...

Been every colour under the sun - from black to white grey. Your hair looks quite light in the pictures so as long as you don't go crazy with the bleach and do lots of intensive conditioning it should be fine (just don't go too light straight away). You seem to already have red tones to your hair so the strawberry blond aka Blake will be flattering and look lovely. Best advice though is to talk to a professional and go from there. Looking forward to seeing the results! x

P said...

I've been blonde for 17years now (started dyeing at 15 by accident a la sun-in) - I've actually been dabbling with going slightly darker, although I often considering going red as I have the stereotypical colouring (freckles and green eyes) then chicken out. But I think i will ALWAYS now be some form of blonde.

Madame G said...

Blonde is one colour I've never really tried. But I agree with Kerry, pop into a top end salon and ask for a colour consultation. These are always free. Then, take the advice and either go somewhere cheaper armed with good knowledge, or just DIY it. Why don't you try a blonding shampoo - I think they've come a long way since the early days of sun-in and will lighten your hair gradually.

But aye, go speak with a professional before you do anything. I highly recommend Jennifer @ Cusp on Argyle Street x

Kirsty said...

Thanks for the advice ladies! Don't think I'd tackle this myself, defo need a consultation xx

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