Friday, 11 May 2012


I have to be honest, I expected more from the Jeffrey Campbell summer 2012 look book "Hot Child in the City." The name conjures up a kind of 70s, glamorous New York vibe, a little bit Studio 54, a little bit sweaty grunge and definitely very sexy... Instead these shots are lacklustre at best, and although the shoes in the collection look fabulous (we knew they would) I don't think they're being shown to the best of their potential by half-assed styling and lack of coherent inspiration...

See what I mean? There's too many random things going on - snakeskin, neon, tie dye - combined with downright BAD (and cheap?) styling and no actual vibe or theme to speak of. In some of the shots you can't even see the shoes when, OBVIOUSLY, they should be the main feature?!

Perhaps it's unfair to judge this lookbook too harshly since Jeffrey Campbell are, after all, a shoe brand, but in that case why waste time and effort on something so mediocre when they could have let the shoes speak for themselves as they often do. They're established enough to know better. It's a shame.

What do you think, do you guys agree or disagree?

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lanmurfa said...

Those jeffrey campbell shoes is amazing! I really like this whole look :)

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