Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Yesterday, after yet another day of pampering at Blythswood Spa and a humongous curry for tea, my friend Jenna and I trotted along to the Theatre Royal to indulge in Scottish Ballet's winter offering - the sumptuous spectacular that is The Sleeping Beauty. I've talked about my love for the ballet before and this time I was thrilled to be given the chance to wax lyrical to my heart's content in a wee article for the programme:

This isn't sad at all...

Back in October I was invited along to Scottish Ballet's southside HQ to investigate the painstaking costuming process involved in a grand production like The Sleeping Beauty, and found that heaven DOES exist in the huge warehouse-style hangar that is the wardrobe department. If you have a spare five mins gie it a read - click on the pictures to enlarge:

It truly was an amazing show. The 1940s costumes in Act III looked stunning contrasted with the earlier extravagance of the late Regency gowns. My favourite costume was Auroras when she has her first proper dance with the Prince after she awakes... It's just a simple, light and airy white dress (almost like Victorian undergarments) but it looked so elegant and innocent, especially with her hair down, dancing such a beautiful, romantic duet.

I also loved the other four princesses dresses, and especially enjoyed seeing them updated for Act III - for example, Snow White's traditional fairytale gown was transformed into a smart navy and white skirt-suit with a quirky poisoned apple-shaped fascinator!

The Lilac Fairy was my favourite dancer of the night. Unrivalled fluidity and grace - gobsmackingly good.

The baddies.

Aurora and her pals.

One of the many fairies who bless Aurora at her Christening.

All in all, yet another smashing success from Scottish Ballet. If you fancy going along, and WHY wouldn't you, booking details can be found here.


head over heels said...

this looks amazing, i was blown away by the Beauty and the Beast and Alice in wonderland ballets so i think i'd love this! x

girlinthecity said...

aaw, loved this :) - your article was fab lady! x

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