Monday, 26 December 2011


Merry Christmas, everyone!

So far, my festive period has been utterly awesome. Friday was spent catching up with an old pal I've not seen in months and resulted in about 14,000 empty bottles of wine (and beer and gin - boke) and a sare heid on Saturday for visiting my wee Grandma and Maw for early Christmas present-unwrapping.

Traditionally I spend Christmas Eve with Maw but this year I headed to the local pub with my pals for more boozing and embarrassing dad-dancing...

Christmas day was a little different - spent the morning visiting my other wee Granny in the home (it's an amazing place, donate!) and then headed over to Kirsten's Aunt's house for a massive roast with all the trimmings :) Then out again to local haunt The Shed for a boogie and bed.

Today I had Christmas dinner take two with yet more turkey and trimmings at my Aunt's and now I'm at work battling through the worst food coma/extended hangover EVER!

Hope you all had a lovely few days and that Santa was good to you!

Oh, PS, I wore this Topshop dress:

SUCH a drama getting it shipped to Glasgow as Aberdeen was the only store in the country with any left in stock. Grr! Thankfully it came, JUST in time.

This week is for working heinous late shifts, sleeping, recovering and planning a humongous diet for the New Year.

Lots of festive love! xxx


Eloise said...

ah but it looks like it was worth the drama, it's gorgeous!

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

It was definitely worth it, what a beaut of a dress! :) xx

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