Friday, 23 December 2011


In the latest in a series of quirky collaborations, MAC has announced it's newest muse as New York style legend, 90-year-old Iris Apfel, which IS AMAZING!

Talk about an icon. A former employee of Women's Wear Daily and interior design guru (responsible for revamping the White House under a succession of  9 US presidents), Apfel was featured in an exhibition at the MoMA in 2005 entitled Rara Avis, which explored her unique sense of personal style and interior design tastes. She comes across in interviews as a right GAME AULD BIRD with the most delicious New York accent in the world:


I remember reading an interview with her AGES AGO where she talked about celebrity fashion these days and how young female celebrities look bland, dried out and generally awful. And I can kind of see what she means. When was the last time you saw Jennifer Aniston rocking something unique or extravagant? Does she even HAVE her own personal style? I don't think so, the woman is BLAH to the max. 

Stuff that, man. When I'm 90 I wanna be like Iris, decked head to toe in garish accessories and mis-matching knits, loving life and not giving a HOOT. She reminds me of that poem Warning by Jenny Joseph...  

Anyway, I digress.

The collection will be released in January and will feature all the usual stuff - lipsticks, nail lacquers, eye shadows... Just don't expect any peaches, beiges or taupes. It's all about COLOUR, dahhling.

Here's some more awesome snaps of Iris to whet your appetite until then...

I'd pretty much die to have a rake around her apartment.





Wonderland Girl said...

I LOVE HER TOO!!! lol! She is everything I aspire to be :)

Italian Fine Arts said...

What a collection she had. Everything that a woman would wish for and to fond to.

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