Monday, 6 June 2011


My jaw hit the deck this evening, whilst perusing the New In section of Topshop like I do most nights...cos I'm cool like that and by no means have too much time on my hands.

The reason? warned, can you handle this level of sexy leather at tea time on a Monday? OK fine. You asked for it.

Behold, and cue the angelic choir:

This, my friends, is Topshop's take on Phillip Lim's iconic contrast-sleeved leather jacket from last season. Oh, and it is GOOD!

Though it lacks the trench cuffs and washed leather/battered effect, and it's a bit shorter and decidedly more biker than the original, this is by no means a shoddy interpretation. Had I not just blown £700 of my Net-a-Porter win on an Acne Rita I would be tempted to save up and buy this badboy like, um, NOW.

Phillip Lim's original:

One of my major contenders in my Net a Porter win, the Phillip Lim jacket still haunts me wherever I go.

Whenever I see it online, for example here on the gorgeous Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast, my heart does a wee somersault of regret at the fact I didn't blow the full £5,000 of the win on leather jackets. Excessive? Nah... Worth it. I mean LOOK at it!

Uhhhhft. My heart breaks.

Get the Toppers one NOW for winter. Contrast sleeves/leather sleeves are going to be humongous.


Jasmin said...

WOW. This Topshop version needs to find itself in my wardrobe NOW! x

Wonderland Girl said...

I love the original but that topshop one's not too shabby a compromise at all, I could put up with it ;) :P

Much Love
Roisin Elizabeth


Got to say I do prefer your acne one bt that is amazing too, TS knock off is the way forward I'd say :) x

Saskia the Style Fairy said...

blimmin love it x

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