Thursday, 16 June 2011


Sweet grilled Cheesus, just about feels like I've gone and fallen off the edge of the earth what with my monster absence!

Fear not, bloggies, I am still alive (barely), only a bit more jaked, husky, spaced-out and bruised than usual. The reason for my sorry state? A long weekend spent getting blootered in a field in Inverness OF COURSE!

Yes bloggies I was at this year's RockNess festival on the banks of sunny Loch Ness. The lovely folks at The List provided me (and my pal Marie) with a free tickets in exchange for helping them to tweet live updates from the festival and to put together a review for the website.

Instead of pure DIVING RIGHT IN with a massive garbled ramble about how awesome it was, I think I'll spare you that gargantuan read and instead direct you to the review I penned for The List which can be found HERE.

Here's a wee collection of pictures. Needless to say there are the ONLY internet-friendly ones I'm willing to share...*the shame*

Sun! No, seriously...
The newly added Sub Club tent was a particular highlight, int that right Marie?
No idea who these choobs are. (Not really, they are actually Marie's pals.)


Our campsite neighbour who coined the delightful catchphrase "GET YER RAT OOT!" Oh God, the story behind this photo is HILARIOUS but sadly not for the internet at large.

Trying to limit the intake of vodka.

Marie getting on it like a car bonnet.

Dedication to the fancy dress cause.

Marie's caption to this on facebook is "this is not real." LOL!

It all happened quite fast to be honest and I did feel SLIGHTLY under-prepared clothing-wise. Had I but known further in advance that I would be attending a festival I like to think I'd have put more effort in and chosen a wardrobe more like those "Festival Fashion" features you see all over the shop this time of year.

Got to be honest though, who the hell are these features aimed at? The ones that suggest wedges and sparkily tops and sequined tunics from Miss Selfridge (I'm looking at you LOOK Magazine!)? Not for folk heading to a festival in INVERNESS that's for damn sure! Summer or no summer, I think we passed through virtually every possible type of weather, except a full on blizzard, and frankly comfort was my only real priority.

That clearly wasn't the case for some folk though. I DID spot one choob of a girl in a fur coat and maxi dress. At a festival? In the mud? Look around you hen, you are HEFTY in the wrong place. Apart from said girl caught in a Glasgow-trendy-girl-at-ABC-in-2008 timewarp, most folk were in DENIM.

Denim shorts and hotpants for the ladies (and the occasional flamboyant man), obviously, as that trend will literally never, EVER die, but I also noticed quite a few folk going for an oversized/grungey/80s denim jacket. Even I myself was rocking my acid-wash number from Etsy:

Purty, huh?

AAAND Keith from We Are Scientists was all over the denim jacket look too:

What a silver fox.

To make up for my crap camera SKILLZ not capturing this trend in action, here's a compilation of cool looks from tinternet that I THINK give you a sense of what I'm talking about:

Love a gratuitous/random Kanye shot...

Sorry for the Peaches shot, should maybe have warned those of you with a nervous dispostions/allergic to the heinous. MIAOW!

Anyway, do yeez get my drift? Cool. I OBVIOUSLY embrace this trend for oversized/bleached denim jackets and would heavily encourage you to participate. Sorted.

Other things I have been loving recently include Beyonce's Dazed & Confused cover and editorial. While I definitely dislike the hair colour (baby stay away from the bleach), I'm really glad to see Bey rock an up-do for a change. I've always thought her stunning looks lend themselves perfectly to high-fashion editorial stuff as and I adore this edgy look on her. Enjoy:

Finally, I have also been enjoying passing my Post Graduate Diploma in multimedia journalism at uni!!

Me. Or there abouts.
Just call me Kirsty McLaren, MA, PGDiP. Catchy! The hard work starts now though as I still have my Masters to complete and I'll be letting y'all know my plans for that as soon as I've finallised a few bits and bobbits.

Anyhoo, sorry for a pure long rambling post, I promise never to leave it so long in between again! Also, Blogger has recently been acting all weird and shifty with me, not letting me comment n' stuff, but be assured I am there lurking reading away feverishly!


Anonymous said...

Looks amazing does RockNess, so jealous hah:D I'm completely diggin' the red denim jacket in one of the images you've posted, looks AH-MAZIN, want one.
ooh and Beyonce's up do- very nice :) xxx

We Are The Crowd said...

i love the denim jacket look, particularly the sleeveless and ripped ones. Oh my, Beyonce looks absolutely stunning in the extract! :)

Mollie from

fritha louise said...

Rockness looks like a lot of fun! I'm itching to get festivalling but I have to wait until the end of August for Reading, boo.
Yeah, I'm definitely DIY acid-washing the shit out of my denim jacket when I get home now.

Marie / Little Interpretations said...

Wow - we had FUN! Not loving the picture of me rocking an adidas track jacket, but hey-ho!

Ayden said...

Aaaaah dude that is awesome you gals got to go in exchange for your writing skillz! :) going over to have a wee nosy at your review right now. These pictures made me giggle too, especially the get yer rat oot and FAKE PENIS?! Haha aww man, I havent been to a festival in years. I dont think I could keep up with the pace anymore! My festival fashion at titp was terrible, just terrible xx

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